Monthly Archives: November 2021

bike ride – first

Five weeks after knee surgery, and look at this. I can ride a bike.

Today was my first street ride. Previously, I only rode the bike on a trainer. My physical therapist coached me yesterday on how to handle it safely getting on and off and street riding. It worked.

This bicycle has made my physical therapy a big success. 🚴

ice cream

Trying to keep ice cream in the freezer. 🍧

You buy a cheap artificially-flavored store brand chocolate or vanilla. It’s gone in a day.

You get a complex premium brand, and it barely gets touched. Aunt Sallie’s Premium Ye Olde Southern Plantation Glory Days Charleston Style 100% organic Butter Pecan. Ain’t NOBODY gonna eat it.

cable company

Spectrum trucks in the neighborhood on a Sunday. Maybe there’s an outage. 😂

Surprising that it works at all the way the cables are loosely festooned all over the place.

So much of their stuff was sheeting off into my yard that I felt put upon. One cable was hanging so low I could have clipped it with a hedge trimmer. Thought about it.

triad drag brunch – the pics

Triad Drag Brunch – Greensboro – 28 Nov 2021

Passion Fusion Grille, 2618 Lawndale Dr, Greensboro, NC 27408

Quite an extravaganza. It looks like it will be a regular thing.

triad drag brunch

We are at the Triad Drag Brunch.

The sparkling wine is Gran Valor, Great Value, a Walmart brand. lol 🥂

the guild of ambience

The Guild of Ambience

I like these streaming ambience videos one can get for the TV.

jitterbug ad

Jitterbug granny is drunk off her ass. 🍸


Desperate for a shot and the ‘Bux is closed.


Acorn squash seeds ready for roasting.

For other things, the slow cookers are locked and loaded.


Gimnasio de Terrapin Station 🐢