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Budrio Ocarina Festival 2019, Chiesa di Sant’Agata Concert, Brian Blauch

Brian’s recent performance in Budrio, Italy. 2019 Ocarina festival.


disco music and that strange summer job

When I first noticed the musical style called “disco” in the 1970’s, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing in the world. “thumpa-chunka-thumpa-chunka”, oh brother. I spent several years recoiling in revulsion every time I heard it.

As soon as I got my drivers license in the 70’s, I got a summer job at the airport cleaning and waxing private airplanes, like Cessnas and Beechcrafts. I always took a big ol’ honkin’ radio with me, and that’s when I noticed that awful disco shit coming on all the time.

After awhile, that feeling did a 180. There are not many things I like better. I still listen to disco almost every day. At times, it still brings on a craving for alcohol, or whatever, and the desire of thrashing about on a dance floor. 🕺

If you hate disco, I completely understand. I have been there.


sugar baby love

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josie cotton – johnny are you queer – 1982

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car sticker sighting

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googly dancy music

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honky tonk country and tor

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