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cafe amurrican

Plenty of time today to enjoy a second Americano coffee (Caffè Americano).

The moka pot makes six shots of espresso which I pour into a large mug and dilute a little with hot water.

This is my second one, so twelve shots for me today. Maybe there will be an incident! 😅 Probably too much, lol.

coffee – americano

Lady Marmalade (1974 – Labelle) roaring away as I enjoy an Americano in Starbucks Smithfield. It’s good AF!

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? 😀

breakfast in denny’s

Morning off from work. Heck yeah!

Very good.

coffee first

kafo ☕

coffee delayed

Patiently waiting my turn at the hotel coffee bar this morning as someone slowly dumps in like 15 sugars into their coffee, tasting it and stirring after every few, blocking the entire coffee area.

I wanted to say, “take that shit over to your table and do it there.” Your free coffee has to be so exquisitely sweetened.

I was somewhat entertained by it all.

breakfast coffee setup in restaurant

What a pretty coffee and breakfast setup. I’m back at the Honduran Salvadoran restaurant in Charlotte that’s open for breakfast. Got my order in.


I haven’t had time this week to stop for a coffee on the way to work, so I was really craving one.

5:00 a.m., the Circle K was lit up and shining like a beacon on the hill, door unlocked, coffee ready. 👍☕

(image: Circle K logo cup XL)


No telling where I’m having breakfast this morning.

horrible moka pot accident

I was standing directly over the sink unscrewing it and lost my grip on it, but instead of falling into the sink, oh no, it falls on the floor.

My entire weekend is ruined. lol

industrial employee coffee setup

A production plant with a break room decked out with elegant coffee equipment.