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continued chock full o’ nuts analysis

Look at that sale! $4.99 a can. That converts to $3.07 a pound. Well worth buying even though it’s the new reduced-size can.

In the other picture, the can on the left is the outgoing size, 30.5 oz. (864 g). The can on the right is the new size, 26 oz. (737 g).

This is what is often referred to as the “grocer’s shrink ray,” even though it comes from the manufacturer. The standard unit of coffee used to be a pound. Now some of those little packages have as little as 10 oz. You could blow on the shelf and they would scatter like the flying seeds of a dandelion.

Other products where the shrink ray has gone to the ridiculous extreme: orange juice and ice cream. A lot of time is spent styling up those containers to make them look like they hold more than they do. The ice cream, especially, can be pumped full of air.

camping coffee

Camping coffee. 🏕️☕

coffee deception

Top can: 26 ounces, Harris Teeter, $10.99.

Bottom can: 30.5 ounces, Target, $8.69.

It’s a GD conspiracy. 🕵️

I’m actually surprised the manufacturer would play games with sizes like that. I feel personally violated.

mi café de la mañana

Morning coffee in my favorite mug.

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We went out to eat Italian. After dinner, the server suggested coffee. Sometimes I want what the restaurant has. Other times I run home and make it myself.

I like coffee after Italian, or Mexican, Vietnamese, Wendy’s…any

decent coffee without spending a lot

Various things things to make coffee slung up waiting for a wash.


— Bialetti moka pot (makes espresso)
— Bodum French press
— Clever Dripper (pairing the functionality of a French Press with the convenience of a drip brewer)

Not pictured:

— Hario coffee mill
— Rival automatic drip (cheap! $7)

I like experimenting with inexpensive coffee-making equipment.

The moka pot is great for espresso. For normal coffee, of the equipment I have, the French press and the cheap automatic drip machine produce the best results. The Rival machine is surprisingly good. I take it with us on camping trips when there will be electricity. If no electricity, all the others work well with a camp stove.

headlong coffee rush

I have a moka pot (AKA caffettiera or Bialetti) that makes six little cups of espresso. I like to make each batch at capacity, pour all six into one coffee mug, and start my day that way. I might ought to stop doing that, but once in awhile I enjoy it very much. The rush can be nice unless I’m in the middle of Charlotte traffic or the like, then I have to do mental calming maneuvers.

One time I ordered a large iced coffee in a bookstore. It was so good that I gulped it down. Before I left the store, I stopped myself a couple of times by thinking, “did I just scream?” ☕ 😱

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late-night coffee

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