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No telling where I’m having breakfast this morning.

horrible moka pot accident

I was standing directly over the sink unscrewing it and lost my grip on it, but instead of falling into the sink, oh no, it falls on the floor.

My entire weekend is ruined. lol

industrial employee coffee setup

A production plant with a break room decked out with elegant coffee equipment.

hotel coffee

Hotel Maxwell House. ☕

a cappuccino, not a puppuccino

An absolutely exquisite cappuccino.

coffee puck

Hey, nice puck! 🏒

coffee and internet saturday morning

It’s moka pot coffee day. ☕ 🙂

4 x espress

Quad espresso. For when one, two, or three aren’t enough. ☕☕☕☕

café sbux

Treat after physical therapy.

a balanced breakfast

Living large on the highway. ☕ 🍩