Monthly Archives: January 2022


I was so hoping to start Sunday morning by reading a good creative lampoon or mock along with my coffee, but my feeds are taking a break from it.

I am also unable to conjure one myself.

linux mint web apps

I know little of what I do, but running Twitter and Facebook as web apps on Linux Mint works well. Use Vivaldi browser to have the separate profile option.

— opens right up into the site all logged in
— isolated profiles
— no cookie mixing

A big one is that it solves Twitter’s compulsive refresh problem.

I like it.

wordpress mobile app

As if WordPress weren’t a mega PITA already, the WP mobile app on Android has gone crashy.

jj – aka the jaybird

He does this on purpose with no assistance. JJ

peanut butter and honey on a plate

Peanut butter and honey sandwich tastes so good after aging overnight in the refrigerator. I should serve it on china instead of a paper plate.

nixon time

Seen today in an antique store. ✌

Antique wrist watch with image of Nixon and I am not a crook. rmn, nixon, watch, iamnotacrook, honesttimecompany

retro photo

Old pic. 1960’s.
Me and my mother, Frances, on left. My brother, Fred, on right.

i guess there is anxiety or something

“If you don’t think and vote like I do, you are infuriating, I hate you, and you should be off my friends list.”

Said I never.

One of my contacts is saying that now. I would unfriend, but I think this type attitude bears watching.

nice cd case picture

Looks real good.

Alma Brasileira. Music of Villa Lobos. Michael Tilson Thomas. New World Symphony.

havana club syndrome

I’m ready for some Havana Syndrome.

i.e. Where was I last night, and who are you?