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couple o’bottles on 30 Dec.

The one on the left is a sweet one from Argentina. Really good. Finished it. The one on the right is from Spain. Both quite cheap yet enjoyable. Both I bought from Rioja! wine bar in Greensboro, North Carolina. I think that man tastes every bottle that he offers for sale. It’s close to impossible to buy a bad bottle of wine there.doublewhitewine

current situation – end of 2017

Current situation. Glass of white wine floating above sleeping dog.

Wine above dog image

Wine above dog

alcatel enthusiastically throws customers under the bus

A list that will surely grow of Alcatel stock apps that somehow update into ad-serving malware. They cannot be uninstalled. You can uninstall updates and uncheck “auto-update” in the Play Store. If you want to be extra careful, go to “Settings”, then “Apps”. Find the offending app. Revoke any permissions granted. Then choose “Data usage” and enable “Restrict app background data”.

Alcatel, especially with the Idol 3 and Idol 4 models, was a good way to get good hardware and an almost stock Android at a budget price. This will be my last Alcatel, made by TCL, due to so badly going corrupt.

The days of getting away with it, budget wise, by buying Alcatel have ended.

Some of the malware apps are made by “Hawk App Studio”, which seems to be owned by TCL, maker for Alcatel. The one-star complaints about the apps in the Play store are numerous, and the responses by Hawk App Studio and Alcatel are amusingly ridiculous. Both companies also have an army of shill reviewers that come in and praise the apps.

I wish Blackberry would release another Android device. Their things look nice.

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Alcatel Idol 4 malware app list screenshot

Alcatel Idol 4 malware app list screenshot

this time this will work

The parking decks will save us.

Greensboro (NC) gets radical. 🤡

war lookin’ for a place to happen

Nikki Haley is channeling Colin Powell.

lies, so many lies

The first bag of PRE-SLICED Pepperidge Farm Mini Bagels I ever bought did not contain a single bagel that was sliced. This is the second bag. They are only sliced halfway through. I feel so lied to as a customer. 😬

Pepperidge Farm Mini Bagels image

Pepperidge Farm Mini Bagels

my first haiku

I wrote my first one last night.  It’s patterned from one I saw on reddit, so it’s not a hundred percent original.  I’m into haikus, so this is a small step.  Google Assistant sends me a haiku every day.  The new masterpiece is below.

It had to be done
This gay Obama haiku
Took away my guns

inspiration from /r/haiku

the compulsion

I’m sure everybody has been there.  This is not new.  I’ve had to silence a few on FB since last fall due to 18-hour-a-day compulsive Trump posting on the order of 50+ a day every day.  I can’t look at that face all the time.

People can post what they want.  I do.  We’re all here voluntarily.  My Opera community taught me that well.

the final day of AIM – AOL Instant messenger

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) will be taken offline this Friday, 15 December 2017. It has been years since I have used the service much, yet I have kept my handle in continuous service since 1998. That’s over 19 years.

AIM was able to give me a readout of the moment Brian and I joined.  See “Member Since” in the images.

ICQ was our first messenger in 1996. I still keep that one in operation, too.  UIN #1564254

These days, people use services like Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, and others more.

daveydb aim image

reedplayer aim image

final aim team image

adventure in wine drinking

Gallo wine. $1.74 on clearance from a previous year at Target.

gallo_clearance image