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Este soy yo.




“the most hollow, illusory, and dispirited campaign ever seen at this level in US political history”

layer dip

Exotic camping layer dip. That’s a peanut butter base and Cool Whip topping. 🌮

Just joking.

the saura

I remember the name Saura from hearing it for the first time as a child from TV channel 12 WXII (then WSJS before they bought the vanity callsign of “XII”) of Winston Salem.

Way back when, TV stations used to sign off at night. Even as a child, I was interested in tech, and stations often revealed a fair amount of it during the sign off, especially details about the transmitter and antenna.

Channel 12 would always mention that the transmitter was atop Sauratown Mountain, which is northwest of Winston near Pilot Mountain. Even with the nice elevation, the location of the transmitter made for a weak signal into Greensboro.

The attached images mention the Sauratown Mountains and the people from which the name comes.

just a quickie please

TFW you think you’re going to read something sweet and to the point, so you click “more” and find 19 paragraphs of verbal masturbation. 🙄🤣

camping coffee

Camping coffee. 🏕️☕

the target salsa incident

We’ll damn. It slipped.

linux mint xfce

Whenever I install a new computer operating system, the main test is how fast can it open up that “special” directory with 20 thousand pics and other media files in it.

One must be able to page through the media without hesitation or hard drive thrash.

the horror of kmart

Abandoned K-Mart. God, I hated those places. The only one I’ve ever been in that was halfway fun was the one at Myrtle Beach, and it’s gone now, too.

If you wanted to be stripped of your dignity and not save any money, Kmart was the place to go.