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old ussr straight key


It’s an old USSR military straight key. It’s supposed to be bolted to a table and hooked to a radio, not held in the hand. 📡

video link of key in action

news data gobbler

I don’t care. You can get a buttload of news on Telegram.

It has data-conserving settings, but I like the full experience.

difficult remote loading e-mail

I just got this one.

This is how all e-mail is from businesses and orgs is these days. All text converted into images and remotely loaded. Unless one drops all privacy, the e-mail is blank. Text in images also puts those with vision difficulties at a disadvantage. Archiving is next to impossible.

Imagine just putting the text into the body of the e-mail, maybe even as a backup.

Attached image shows meaningless blank mobile e-mail with only “unsubscribe,” “view in browser,” and “load images”

ham radio redux post during these times of horror

I’ve posted all this before, but it’s still important to me. It influenced my life to this day.

I think this is 1976 or so. My basement ham radio station (Amateur Radio), plus a CB (citizens band) radio. I had more antennas than those in the pic. They ran all over the yard.

Neighbors sometimes accused me of all kinds of interference on their TV’s and radios. It’s possible I did some damage to reception of local TV station channel 2, but it was best to deny it all with something like “I haven’t been on the air in a week” even if I was on the entire time.

1970’s were heavy Cold War, but I kept up with radio friends all over the old USSR areas plus the entire world. I loved them all.

What teenager would get up at 5 AM on school days? Me! I wanted a couple of hours on the air every morning before school.

I still have a valid license that I really need to put back to work.

My 6th grade teacher said one time, “it’s a lot harder to drop bombs when you have friends on the ground.” I believe in this.

73’s and 88’s


This seems like a weird form of follower shaming to me due to the daily public posting of stats.

It reminds me of FB when somebody says, “once somebody unfriends me, I never let them back on.”

To which I mentally reply, “sounds good to me.”

tmo bag color magenta

Picking up a little gift for somebody today. Sometimes nice things come in those magenta bags.

internet things

The way things often go online.

For example, software team announces they are shipping an updated version of their web browser tomorrow.

First random comment: I’ve reported a bug in 2001 which is still not resolved. Why are you ignoring me?

Second random comment: what’s your position on Ukraine?

all fluffy on the chat

All alone on the FluffyChat.

launch it

Oh, launchers!

One button on the panel, six websites, all launched and loaded. 🔫

All done with the Vivaldi browser in this case.

bios went wonky

All I did was have a tiny little peek at the BIOS settings on the new computer, and something went wonky. It was a little frightening to see the new box rendered unbootable for a little while, right at my bedtime, too.

Fortunately, doing a little reading and playing with it some, I figured out how to clear out that invalid signature stuff.

It was a relief to see the operating system come back on the screen. Whew!