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new ‘puter – been a long time

I bought some new hardware with an Intel Core i7 12700 Dodeca-Core Processor: 2.1/4.9GHz.

Dodeca. I like the sound of that.

I’m breaking it in with Ubuntu Budgie, lol.

Ubuntu Budgie

open in chrome

“open in Chrome”

Oh, grow up. I’m just trying to order Chinese takeout, not steer the Space Shuttle.

we’re so very sorry

When you click unsubscribe and get this failure notice. I guess “extremely sorry” is one of the better sorries. lol

“We are extremely sorry, but we cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later, or return to the email and reply with the word remove in the subject line.”

lotus notes

I had this job in the mid 1990’s where all the computers were running OS/2 Warp, which was a pleasure to use, actually.

That’s back when something called Lotus Notes was used for e-mailing, among other things.

I would make my jaw tighten when someone would say, “I just Lotus Noted you. Did you get it?” “No? I’ll Lotus Note you again, now.”

It would hit my ears like nails on a chalkboard.


Very good times. The Yippie newsletter, The Yipster Times, was my first introduction to phone phreaking as a young preteen, Loved it.

https://wwwHow a Group of ’70s Radicals Tried (and Failed) to Invade Disneyland

retro net

I passed by the old building today that used to be the location of the tech store CompUSA.

That was where you could buy things like Netscape Navigator Gold in a box (CD).

Thinking back to when Geocities upped the storage quota to 3 MB. You could avoid using the storage by linking the image library they had.

Also fun: Tripod and NetTaxi.

Best (for me) net chat for awhile: WBS – Webchat Broadcasting System. I still have friendships that originated there.

Favorite blogging community 2003 onward: MyOpera Community. Until Opera browser got sold.


Maybe certain things on Twitter cannot be shown.

home geek squad

That time my computer stopped recognizing my printer and wouldn’t print.

I read dozens of webpages, went all through the operating system, and went to the horror of IRC to get tech help.

I even reinstalled the OS.

Then I got down under the desk on my hands and knees and found the printer cable unplugged and laying on the floor. 🤦

fiber internet installer nearby

A neighbor is getting NorthState (fiber Internet, TV, phone if you want it). The installer van is on the street. For a short time, this will make up for running that loud leaf blower for hours at a time. đź‘Ť

They had Spectrum. Spectrum’s wiring is so bad on this street that the jacket on their coax has been shedding in my yard for years. In certain parts of the street, it’s hanging so low that a person could reach up and grab it. If I get tired enough of cleaning up the shedding, I’ve thought about taking a hoe and yanking it down to the ground. It probably wouldn’t make a difference.

browser not supported

What is this? Browser not supported. You must use… one of them is Firefox… and I’m using FIREFOX! It won’t let Vivaldi in either.

Is this 1995 again? You must use Internet Explorer?

I mean grow up. What nutcase wrote that site?