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linux mint xfce

Whenever I install a new computer operating system, the main test is how fast can it open up that “special” directory with 20 thousand pics and other media files in it.

One must be able to page through the media without hesitation or hard drive thrash.

old portable tv

I saw this “portable” television yesterday in an antique store.

it really is portable, but that’s back when the definition of portable meant “could probably be lifted by one strong person.”

Them things were heavy. Lots of vacuum tubes and a tremendous transformer.

Airline Portable Television. I’ve never heard of that brand before. It’s rather attractively designed.

finally got a webcam during the shortage

Since the pandemic started months ago, webcams have been sold out most places or priced up by multiples because so many people needed them for the Zoom conferences and other things.

I didn’t have a camera for my big old desktop computer where I have a comfortable desk and chair for long meetings. For months I have used a Wyze Wi-Fi surveillance camera adapted for USB streaming by swapping out the firmware. It was nice of the manufacturer’s developers to provide that solution, but the camera not being designed for conferencing left medium results.

I was able to finally get a better webcam this weekend, a camera designed for the purpose. Nicer.

Wyze: the white cube, worked OK for streaming. Better than not having a camera. More suited for surveillance by Wi-Fi.

Angetube 920: the black one. Inexpensive, designed for conferencing, more than adequate. “The webcam works with Windows/Mac OS/Android/Linux/Chrome OS and Ubuntu.”

So there!

streaming tv question, why no adverts this time

I don’t understand the hows and whys. A series I watched on TNT played commercial free when I streamed it by browser. If I watched it through the provider set-top box, it has commercials. Some networks, it doesn’t matter, you get adverts regardless of method.

The TV/Internet provider I have participates in something called TV2GO. There is a list of networks that are available this way. To view TNT, I go to the TNT site list of the episodes. Click “sign in” with the provided box, then get sent over to the TV provider’s site for credentialing. TV provider sends an auth token back to TNT, then video reloads commercial free and in full. Stream that to a device (Chromecast, etc.), and it’s great.

I don’t understand the dropping of adverts, nice as it is.

On Linux computers, a good browser choice for casting to a device is the Vivaldi one. Even though it’s based on the Chromium browser, it avoids me having to install Google Chrome, or Chromium.

proton e-mail and vpn hong kong

This situation is murky with a lot of actors. I’m not sure how Proton can be sure of the right thing. I’ll keep using the ones I already have that are not flirting with empire.

chinese takeaway

It has been fun reading reviews of TikTok on Google Play Store. Many are about like this, “I’d not considered using it until the White House went nutso over it, now I want it.”

I feel the same about Huawei. I’d get one in a heartbeat, but I’m set on mobile right now.

WH just upset that somebody else might be getting some data without 5-Eyes having first dibs.


This is often very good radio. This morning, classic Disco, Beach, and more. All part of the #tildeverse


Now talking on #tilderadio
Topic for #tilderadio is: Tilderadio – A hacker’s excuse for radio! | Tune in now:

roll of windows

These paper towels make me think of Microsoft Windows.

microsoft authenticator

Play Store is recommending this one for me. Nah.

I guess it’s better than not having an authenticator but not my first pick.

I guess it doesn’t really matter when the entire device is a data mine.

retro sega

Sega Genesis Mini.

Bought myself a little treat at Target. Half price until midnight night before last. I ordered it at 11 p.m. to get the sale price and picked it up next day.

It’s nicer than I thought it would be. I plugged it in, turned it on, and two hours went by in a blink.