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microsoft authenticator

Play Store is recommending this one for me. Nah.

I guess it’s better than not having an authenticator but not my first pick.

I guess it doesn’t really matter when the entire device is a data mine.

retro sega

Sega Genesis Mini.

Bought myself a little treat at Target. Half price until midnight night before last. I ordered it at 11 p.m. to get the sale price and picked it up next day.

It’s nicer than I thought it would be. I plugged it in, turned it on, and two hours went by in a blink.

icq new

You can tell I have nothing planned for tonight. Feels good to have a free weekend.

Just playing with an app.


Thinking back to the 90’s when home net access was by dial-up over copper phone line and hoping all modem lines weren’t busy.

[touch-tone blast] growl-growl, ka-dang-a-dang-dang, pssshhhtttt, thunk! ☎️ 🖥

so many photos

The Help/About images for our favorite file manager and image viewer are quite beautiful. Caja is the file manager. Eye of MATE is the image viewer. We have so many gigs of photos that it’s important that these work well.

There are many other good ones out there.
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cheap streaming camera for zoom, etc. works on linux

A nice ‘n cheap webcam for videoconferencing is a Wyze Cam, and it works with Linux, too.

With so much videoconferencing going on, I was looking for a way to use the big desktop computer rather then having to huddle up with a Chromebook.

Wyze has these little WiFi surveillance cameras that are about $20. The firmware can be flashed to make them into a USB webcam for videoconferencing, or you know. If you don’t like the results, you can flash them back to factory state. I’ve done both just to test.

$20 is pretty good for a webcam, and the good thing is that the Wyze is available, in stock at several places. Many other brands of true streaming cameras are sold out, or the price has galloped.

You might need some parts if you don’t have them already:

— USB cable A-male to A-male
— microSD card
— headset for good audio

I tested mine with Zoom and Jitsi Meet. Great performance on both. The instructions say that these also work: GoToMeeting, Blue Jeans, Google Hangouts, Skype, and Cisco.

I like it. Totally plug and play on a Linux box.

I did the color effects on two of the attached still pics. There is less distortion on streaming than you see in these stills.

The flashing instructions:

nice firefox mobile update

A nice browser upgrade came through on Android yesterday. Firefox Beta (v. 75.0.0-beta.6) has a gorgeous interface.

Also beautiful: Firefox Preview and Vivaldi browsers. I like ’em.

All have sync, all are smooth-running. ♥️

Screenshot of Firefox Beta on Android
Screenshot of Firefox Beta on Android

two old desktop faves

A couple of sweet little things that I enjoy using on desktop.

#firefox #thunderbird

book of mozilla firefox preview

about:mozilla will take you there.

The Beast adopted new raiment and studied the ways of Time and Space and Light and the Flow of energy through the Universe. From its studies, the Beast fashioned new structures from oxidised metal and proclaimed their glories. And the Beast’s followers rejoiced, finding renewed purpose in these teachings.

from The Book of Mozilla, 11:14

Screenshot of book of Mozilla in Firefox preview

firefox preview

A sweet little thing that I enjoy using on Android. 🔥🦊

Screenshot of Firefox preview “about”
Privacy settings of Firefox preview