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pocket reader app top 5%

I assume that almost nobody is using the pocket app, so every year I’m in the top 5%.

It formats things so I can see better to read, and when I’m away from mobile data, I load it up with things to read offline.

lagrange client for gemini protocol

It really is beautiful.

Reading about Gemini protocol.

mastodon / twitter

I just want to connect with people.

With the controversies happening over Twitter (IDGAF, really), a lot of people are trying Mastodon, which can kinda/sorta resemble it.

I’ve been on Mastodon for awhile. I can be great. It can be tedious. It takes some work and getting used to. I access through a very nice “instance” (server) that I found after several that didn’t work out.

I use a web browser on desktop and the Tusky app on mobile.

Holler if you want to find me on Mastodon.

Simpler information:

More detailed information:

retekess shortwave radio

Super secret $20 Chinese spy radio just in from Amazon. It might be a threat to democracy. Not sure.

rv antifreeze

Non toxic to cats. Is that good or bad? 😈

pretty cocktail app called drinkable

Pretty app on my mobile that suggests cocktails from ingredients already on hand and random drinks.

This cocktail is called Amaretto Fizz. I’m having one now.
The app is called Drinkable.

mobile data

Some of ’emz really gobble down the data.

Both of those apps I use for heavy news gathering and sometimes another thing or two. Those videos, news and otherwise, eat it up.

Telegram is a messenger. RedReader is for Reddit. Both bring in tremendous amounts of news.

That 2 GB warning line no longer applies. That’s old. Data caps were removed by the carrier during covid lockdown and they never put them back.

gotta see

When I clear cookies on the mobile browsers, it resets all my social media preferences.

The first things I do on each one after a reset:

— turn on dark mode
— bump up font size

Otherwise I have to strain too much.


The fun feeling of using a Linux command to format a storage card to a Windows file system. The camera was struggling to format it, so I stuck it in a card reader and had the desktop do it.

Good ol’ universal FAT32.

usual linux fun

Manjaro or Linux Mint. I’ve used both and both are superb. I’ve currently had the Manjaro on for months.

Over the decades, I’ve had many including Slackware and Debian. Those have been awhile.

Such agonizing decisions. For me they are all fun though some bring on occasional profanity.

Put that /home directory in a separate partition and you can distro swap lickety split.