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the daily postal mail adverts

No company has sent me more postal mail over the years than AT&T. It has arrived several times a week for years. I can’t imagine the container that it would fill if I had it all together at one time.

It’s always pushing some mediocre copper-line DSL plus DirecTV satellite rolled into a bundle that takes paragraphs full of asterisks to describe.

The last thing I want is a raft of equipment to funnel a little TV and Internet into the house which I can thankfully get somewhere else through a thin fiber-optic line. Most people don’t have that option.

As many times as AT&T, Verizon, and some others get paid and incentivized to lay down some fiber, they just can’t quite get around to doing it here, yet they stand ready to make trouble for anyone else who does.

the big players are into the censorship game

If your favorite news site is of alta kvalito, qualitas altus, or maybe even of высокое качество (high quality), and it prods the “status quo”, you might find it dropping off of search engine and social media indexing, which, in effect, means your dear favorite ceases to exist for many.

It is a good time to do an end run around these things by subscribing to good old-fashioned e-mail updates to the sites. Everybody already gets too much e-mail, so you have to “handle” it. Good e-mail providers let you automatically filter certain types of e-mail into folders where you can have a look at your leisure without clogging the inbox, otherwise, deleting those you don’t have time for only takes a moment.

In short, direct e-mail updates can save you from filtering by Google, Twitter, and others. What if your e-mail provider IS Google? You might be OK, still. Who knows. A paid e-mail provider is best, but not many people are into that.

Next thing, even if you know how to sidestep derating by mainline search engines, your favorite sites might fold anyway due to income starvation due to reduction of donors and ad revenue.

Just thinking out loud.

firefox test pilot

I enjoyed doing the Firefox Test Pilot experiments due to my fondness for Firefox. Yesterday, a survey was sent down relating to news feeds. One question required picking a political affiliation. There were only two choices, Democrat and Republican, and the question was required, meaning that I could not complete the survey without answering. F**! that. I’m off the program. 😜

I will continue with Firefox as always. I just won’t do the Test Pilot anymore. By the way, I also love the Vivaldi browser and am looking forward to a mobile edition.

Hopefully participants outside of the USA were not bothered by this fun “survey”.

do a lotta evil

Google does not like a semi-anonymized VPN connection making me solve 14 CAPTCHAS in a row before permitting me to log in. I would not have done so many, but I got curious how long it would go on.

The digital overlords have gotten so…



android OS swapout, switcheroo, and switch back

I felt some stress as I was coming home from work yesterday.  For years, my favorite stress/anxiety reducer has been messing with the Linux boxes.  I swap out one distro for another, change desktops, tweak, try a new experiment, etc.  I have the Linux computers nearly perfect, and they give no trouble, so it’s time to leave them alone for now.

What to do if I want to mess with tech as a relaxer?  All that is left for getting a good hard tech f**k is the Android devices.  It’s a little unnerving because those things are expensive, and if you screw up or brick them, you’re off the air.  I have two older Nexus S that were replaced by Nexus 4’s, so they were good candidates for an OS (operating system) swap.

Swapping out the stock Android for the popular CyanogenMod was actually quite easy, and I didn’t even use the new automatic installer.  Just download a couple of files and issue several fairly easy commands.  The important thing was to carefully read through the instructions and take it slow and easy, step by step.

I learned how to change the default recovery to ClockworkMod, do backups and restores, change stock Android to CyanogenMod, and switch it back.  For some reason things like this make my stress melt away…after it’s all done.  While I’m learning it, I often spit, swear, and fly into rages.  Strange how that works.  It’s kind of a catharsis.

Screenie of CyanogenMod on a Nexus S.  I’ll consider it for the Nexus 4’s later.  At least I got it down now.


finally the kitty (kitkat) arrives

The waiting was killing me.  It always seems like the whole world got theirs before me.  Amazing how impatience goes.

Now I can start playing with it.  🙂