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retro net

I passed by the old building today that used to be the location of the tech store CompUSA.

That was where you could buy things like Netscape Navigator Gold in a box (CD).

Thinking back to when Geocities upped the storage quota to 3 MB. You could avoid using the storage by linking the image library they had.

Also fun: Tripod and NetTaxi.

Best (for me) net chat for awhile: WBS – Webchat Broadcasting System. I still have friendships that originated there.

Favorite blogging community 2003 onward: MyOpera Community. Until Opera browser got sold.

brian francis pretorius – my opera

The late My Opera Community friend and blogger Brian Francis Pretorius from South Africa. I miss him so much. He died a few years ago. Quite the marvelous friend.

After Opera Software killed off the online community, Brian and I moved to G+ (Google Plus) where we continued to have a good time. Then Google killed that off.

We continued on on Facebook, but the online fun was doomed. This WordPress has been kind of an archive.

I also archived my G+ activity on MeWe. MeWe is a closed community meaning you have to log in to see anything. These days I’m OK with that.

Brian Francis was fond of conventional telephone and used to call me a lot. I also called him. He was a heck of an ambassador for human beings.

leet blog

Dayyum! Fuenteovejuna went leet (1337).

It’s my oldest blog. Lot of embarrassing stuff on there.

the my opera meltdown is going swimmingly

As Opera continues to treat its fans like dirt, the My Opera meltdown seems way ahead of schedule.  I have been trying to get a backup of a blog for four days now.  No go.

An Opera logo dartboard might be in order at this point, but I don’t want to see the red “O” in my house anymore.

1043 posts

Almost all are are imports from MyOpera.  The true count is actually much higher because I trimmed my opera blog by about a third earlier this year.

It’s been insane!  😛


my last post at my opera

I started at my opera in September of 2001.  It was the best Internet blogging experience ever.  My Opera is officially closing on March 1st, 2014.  I’m now transitioning to WordPress.  WordPress was very ready for the My Opera closure with blog importing tools and instructions.  I have archived my old blog here at WP.

I just made my last post at My Opera after a nice 12-year run.  I hope for some fun and friendship here at WordPress.