Monthly Archives: November 2022

secret matching donor

All of the sudden every org in the world has a secret matching donor, so you can double your donation. I don’t even believe a word of that.

Donate to my Fanta Brotherhood (the orange soda). Lot of secrets in that. 🥤🍊

weird t-shirt arrival

These t-shirts showed up in my mailbox shipped from China. I didn’t order these.

Maybe some kind of weird psyop. I don’t want this shit.


I’m not much of a conventional church goer. I guard my beliefs rather closely but slightly hint about them sometimes.

With that said, especially in Latin America, I enjoy going into huge cathedrals, walking around quietly, and having a seat for awhile to meditate and soak in the atmosphere. Feel the whirl of time and history.

In spite of being contrarian, if somebody invites me to church, I usually go, unless I know ahead of time that’s it’s nuts in there. I can have a pretty good time anywhere for an hour or so.

facebook jail?

Maybe I’ve gone too far on Facebook. It keeps malfunctioning on me. There was that summer of jail a few years ago. Happened to a lot of people. If it is like that, I don’t know why. I never say anything important there. At best, mild complaints.

It’s best to save the “hot” topics for where one pays for the server. I’ve got some of that, but I don’t have that much to say there, either.

Esmond Wilson

Zachary Esmond Wilson of High Point. My first love when still in high school.

He died quite young and I didn’t get to say goodbye.

swank ramen

A lunch ramen so elegant that I didn’t even bother to put it in a bowl. lol.

This one’s quite nice though. We order them from Amazon.

starving artist in havana 2005

Near the book fair in the previous post was this artist making sketches of the cathedral and plaza.

As is evident in the pic, he was sweet and friendly. I think he had picked up on the gay vibe.

I should have leaned over and gone, “psst! Wanna make $200 real quick?” lol. Nah, we don’t operate like that.

2005 cuba trip

In 2005, my spouse and I sneaked over to Cuba from the USA via Cancun. I always wanted to see it, plus it was kind of a forbidden-fruit type of trip. Everything went great.

Once we got back home, we discovered that my cousin had been over there at the same time with her husband on their honeymoon. Like us, they had been low-key about it, so none of us knew about the others beforehand.

While there. We walked by plenty of portraits, and sometimes a bust, of people like José Martí, Fidel Castro, and Lenin. Not a single one of them rolled its eyes, hissed, or tried to touch us inappropriately.

In the pic below, we went to a book fair in Havana. We were so disappointed that the one in the pic kept blocking our camera view of the books. 😁

giving tuesday

Today is delete-all-giving-Tuesday-emails-on-a-Tuesday Tuesday. Clickety click!

All giving Tuesday texts get reported as spam just like all those political ones I get.

twitter crash and burn

Mostly on Mastodon I hear a lot about how breathtaking it is to watch Twitter crash and burn. Historically breathtaking!

Frankly, I notice no difference. The same ones I get news and info from before are still there pointing to their same websites. Some get capriciously banned, some reinstated, but mostly the same, sightly tweaked censorship agenda, maybe.

I think a few 100K, or million, nutcases on or off makes little difference on a network that large. The ones noisily running off to other networks often ain’t that great. I’ve been on networks where the majority are nutcases, i.e. politically inept, revolting, propaganda steeped. I survived OK.

I have many other ways to get news and info: RSS, Telegram, direct e-mail subscription.