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giving tuesday

Today is delete-all-giving-Tuesday-emails-on-a-Tuesday Tuesday. Clickety click!

All giving Tuesday texts get reported as spam just like all those political ones I get.

psycho texts and other things

I’m under texting assault by a bunch of psycho Democrats. Is that an oxymoron? LOL. No comment.

They’re coming in all the time now. Somebody sold my stuff all over.

OTOH, I get one every now and then from Melania Trump. She always did such a good job on that White House Christmas.😮🎄

spam call update

Over the past few days I’ve received spam calls with these caller ID labels:

— Sentara Hospital
— Cone Physician
— Emergency
— Community Funeral
— Elon University

It seems the telcos have no control over their networks. I don’t know what they’re being paid for.

This stuff is getting dangerous.

It’s bad if they detect elderly/dementia on the line. The call centers hand those off to specialists to work ’em.

It’s amusing to see call center employees complaining online about people being rude to them.

the daily telephone spam

Just a small slice of the daily ring and hangups from the car warranties and “welcome to Spectrum.” The telcos act like they’re powerless against them.

Spectrum and AT&T are also guilty for having a business model that supports spam signups.

No wonder voice calls have dropped to the bottom in popularity. All voice calls to my number go directly to voicemail unless on a starred list, except my work phone. I’m required to take all those.

On the rise, text spam, often to 100’s of recipients at a time. This is the reason I won’t phone bank or do political text spam for anybody. It’s not good to play with people’s phones.

One time I was trying to get an ambulance for my mother and had to ask the dispatcher to keep repeating the instructions because some jackass from India kept having at my line. I ended up losing a call from the hospital because of it.

A secondary role of the spam callers is to detect and exploit the elderly with dementia. The call centers have specialists that they activate for that.

car warranty expiration

The car warranty scam calls are now coming at me in multiple languages.

trying to unsubscribe

When you decide the e-mails aren’t worth the trouble and try to unsubscribe. Intentional?

Another one, 6dolllarshirts (printed t’s), it took years to stop those, and they still crop back up. I just block the sender.

political spam

One of several screens of unsolicited texts. What activism. Sit on your ass and set your phone to automatically harass.

Unsolicited texts of any type are a big no.

Don’t do this for any party.

Every single one of mine has been Democrat crap.

load-o-crap activism

This type of “activism” is such a crock. I don’t care whose team it’s for. I’d never allow my phone to be used in this way. It never creates a good impression.

more on the social media – a la mewe

Others that have repeatedly invaded my sweet dog group en masse on MeWe, they just can’t seem to help it:

— Asian soft-porn spammers aiming at men

— men from all over the world using a dog-lovers group to harass women

— “gun people” who use a dog group to brag about their concealed carrys

— dog breeders, especially if “bullies” is part of the “business” name. Saying “adopt don’t shop” or “puppy mill” will cause them to melt TF down.

— promoters of reputation-troubled businesses, things like oils, life coaching, MLM (mulit-level marketing).

When I see signs of these, I get hair-trigger on the boot button. Sometimes I have made mistakes.

amazing spammers

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