the daily telephone spam

Just a small slice of the daily ring and hangups from the car warranties and “welcome to Spectrum.” The telcos act like they’re powerless against them.

Spectrum and AT&T are also guilty for having a business model that supports spam signups.

No wonder voice calls have dropped to the bottom in popularity. All voice calls to my number go directly to voicemail unless on a starred list, except my work phone. I’m required to take all those.

On the rise, text spam, often to 100’s of recipients at a time. This is the reason I won’t phone bank or do political text spam for anybody. It’s not good to play with people’s phones.

One time I was trying to get an ambulance for my mother and had to ask the dispatcher to keep repeating the instructions because some jackass from India kept having at my line. I ended up losing a call from the hospital because of it.

A secondary role of the spam callers is to detect and exploit the elderly with dementia. The call centers have specialists that they activate for that.

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