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scam text

A scam text. SECU is a good guess for banking in this area.

The link is a domain for a legitimate hotel, but the hotel is running their site on WordPress, and it’s a compromised site. They probably don’t even know, or maybe don’t care.

WordPress really just needs to go away. I’ve spent too many hours of my life wrestling with that thing.

Too bad I’ve run one of my sites on it for years. The dislike of that platform is huge.

car warranty expiration

The car warranty scam calls are now coming at me in multiple languages.

finally, somebody cares about ME

Best scam call I have received to date. It makes me finally feel validated as I’ve been expecting the hammer to drop.

For the audio, use the google drive link below or the player at the bottom of the post.

The very second you receive this message. I want you to return the call as soon as possible as SSA has filed a lawsuit against your name the local County Sheriff are going to arrest you for for serious allegations before this matter goes to the courthouse and we freeze your bank account and suspend your social security number and get you arrested. For more information regarding this case. You can get that to us at 410-513-5354. I repeat 410-513-5354. Make sure you give us a call back before you get arrested.


breakdown of a fake antivirus scammer

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illegal phone calls

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30 per cent of six million

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friends in high places

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