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recent democrat statement on diplomacy

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.):

“Because of the timing, our message is being conflated by some as being equivalent to the recent statement by Republican Leader McCarthy threatening an end to aid to Ukraine if Republicans take over.”

To me, that sounds like complete capitulation by Democrats in upcoming elections. I don’t vote for Republicans, but I will not consider voting for Democrats for any reason for as long as I may live. I started cutting down on them in 2003, now it’s down to never again.

Good golly that statement pisses me off. What a dangerous, tepid, bunch of wankers.

political webinar

Tonight’s webinar. Chris Hedges, Matthew Hoh.

Condemn me, criticize me, release the bot armies. 🖕☺️

usa olympic shit fittery

Well, I’m just shocked AF. USA has yet another Olympic shit fit. Who’da thunk it.

it’s my party and i’ll donate if i want to

Leading up to elections 2016 and 2020, every time somebody I knew said shit about my political party, I’d turn around and make a donation to that party. It got freakin’ expensive. 👍

bah humbug

It galls me to think about when I watched a recent video from the leader of my religious denomination where she breathlessly said that the last election was the most transparent, free, and fair in history, and that love won.

It definitely reduces my trust in leadership.

load-o-crap activism

This type of “activism” is such a crock. I don’t care whose team it’s for. I’d never allow my phone to be used in this way. It never creates a good impression.

the process

“let’s get them into office then we’ll hold their feet to the fire”

You aren’t getting anywhere near those feet.

“if [insert name] gets into office, I’ll resist with every fiber of my being”

Translation: I will begin to use ALL CAPS on social media and increase the profanity.

NYT lol, all is hoped will be normal

Another LOL from the New York Times. At least the word “normal” is in quotes, as it should be. Was it normal before, and is that a desired state to which to return?

It’s a good click-bait headline, but I won’t go, so I won’t know about the article. I’ve stopped visiting links to the NYT, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, The Guardian, and others. They are such active performers for the USA’s “Mighty Wurlitzer” that I won’t follow a link for any reason, not even for entertainment pieces, though one could say all of it is entertainment.

screenshot of NYT headline, Why the Presidency can't just go back to "normal" after Trump.

screenshot of NYT headline, Why the Presidency can’t just go back to “normal” after Trump.


It’s disappointing to see a friend with good politics dive off the nutcasin’ deep end. Maybe it happens to me, too, a little bit, sometimes. 🏊

memories of dad

My father and I used to like to antagonize each other over politics. I think we both deemed the session a success if we could get the other to crack a little. Sometimes I knew that he had staged things for me when I went for a visit.

One visit, he put the book “Ronald Reagan – An American Life” on the coffee table. I paged through it for a moment and saw him crack a small smile. I just glibly said, “talk about a complete waste of money” as I tossed it back on the table.

Then we ended up in the kitchen where somehow he had procured an autographed picture of GW Bush. He had it on the refrigerator. I don’t know how he got it. I said, “I need one of these for my fridge so I can lose some weight.”

It’s funny the memories that I now hold fondly.