amazing spammers

A screenshot of myopera's "latest photos" page. Actually there were five pages of the same image, each one posted under a different user name. The user names were all lazy keyboard taps like "asdfqwert."

If there are any spam counter measures on myopera, I don't know what they are.

I get the feeling that Opera Software will let this thing go pretty soon anyway.

19 responses to “amazing spammers

  1. that blows

  2. theres spammers everywhere and u'd never know where they'll turn up

  3. I compiled and reported a list of over 60 spammers in roughly an hour last week. Just go here and refresh every 5 or 10 minutes. times. :down:

  4. I doubt there's any anti spam measures in place now. This community is being completely neglected. They dropped the popular MOTW feature, there hasn't been any updates for ages. IMO they're only keeping this space for official announcements

  5. MOTW = Member Of The Week.

  6. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    MOTW = Member Of The Week.

    Dayyum. That was fast.

  7. I'm trying to get one, but I still struggle with it, and my disability gets in the way

  8. MOTW? dare I ask, what does it stand for?

  9. I miss MOTW. I was one of those one time courtesy of Espen. The good old days. You gotta guess what MOTW is. 😀 I posted this with Firefox mobile. :devil:

  10. Originally posted by lifeguardlifer:

    I'm trying to get one, but I still struggle with it, and my disability gets in the way

    Ah, a kindred spirit. :up:

  11. Oh, I had a friend who was picked as the member of the week.

  12. I've never been MOTW, but I did have a post promoted to the front page once. It's since been deleted when there was talk of Facebook acquiring Opera ASA.Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    Dayyum. That was fast.

    It was fast because I have no life. 😦

  13. when its ADD/LD w/autistic features, yup a 'kindred spirit' thats me, 😆

  14. Originally posted by selurus:

    Just came across this security warning about Firefox for Android

    I don't see that replicated yet. We'll see. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    It was fast because I have no life.

    I don't either. "Me and Bobby McGee" quote: "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."I liked it best when Janis Joplin sang it.

  15. Here is a forum post addressing all the my.opera spam blogs recently.

  16. it is impossible to rid the web of spammers,they are like ants around a pot of jam,a never ending influx.If a spammer is deleted by opera,they just make another account,simple,so deleting users in that respect is a complete waste of time.seems that spammers are attacking opera in force,mainly at the moment from china,but next week it will be from elsewhere,and so it goes on.

  17. If the spammers weren't so visible, we'd have a lot less to talk about. 😆 I think the reporting "feature" has been broken (or not monitored) for more than the few weeks claimed in the link. I've stopped reporting since early summer since not much ever happened because of it. I'm most entertained when a porn pic makes it to "Popular Photos" and stays for weeks.Yeah, reporting spam is fairly useless, but sometimes it gives me something to do. I like forwarding spam e-mail to Spamcop: data is used to help build filters, spot trends, etc.—Off on another tangent, we all know that the government (corporate contractors) has monitored everything for ages. Why, then, can't telemarketers like "Rachel at Card Services" be found and prosecuted?

  18. i think that spammers are such a low priority in the grand scale of issues,that it is treated as a joke,and i can see this point of view.After being on the web for so long i can spot a spammer a mile away,well most of them,and i just ignore,a complete waste of our time reporting them,but sometimes i like to play a game with spammers,and pretend i am a bit of a thicko web wise :devil: nothing better than to turn the tables on a spammer,treat them as a sad person with no life is not a bad thing,and can be mischievously funny..:devil: 😀 maybe opera can install spam porno of the week….:lol: 😆

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