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empire lovers to mastodon!


Some of the resistance phonies and empire propaganda shitheads are headed to Mastodon.

In that case, these should go, too. Well, some already have. There are so many

Bill Browder
Nika Melkozerova
NBC News
Julia Davis
Seth Abramson
Liz Cheney
Robert Reich
The Lincoln Project
Occupy Democrats
Rachel Maddow
Simon Rosenberg

jesse helms’ marls (morals)

Thinking back to how NC Senator Jesse Helms pronounced “morals.” It was “marls.”

1980’s, before I could pound out my vapid ditties on some obscure social media, I would write (postal mail) Senator Helms’ office about every little thing that was on my mind.

Example: “Could the Senator not refer to voters as fags and queers?”

Just simple things like that, lol. The office replied to single single letter. Replies were polite though I don’t remember the contents now.

political webinar

Tonight’s webinar. Chris Hedges, Matthew Hoh.

Condemn me, criticize me, release the bot armies. 🖕☺️

psycho texts and other things

I’m under texting assault by a bunch of psycho Democrats. Is that an oxymoron? LOL. No comment.

They’re coming in all the time now. Somebody sold my stuff all over.

OTOH, I get one every now and then from Melania Trump. She always did such a good job on that White House Christmas.😮🎄

shitpost vs deep dives

Sometimes I interrupt my shitposting to do political deep dives and shell peanuts. As one dives into things, the feeling of isolation gets larger.

Look at that gorgeous Linux desktop on old computer. Goes well with delicious peanuts.

eye roller

Some of these political posts I see

political spam

One of several screens of unsolicited texts. What activism. Sit on your ass and set your phone to automatically harass.

Unsolicited texts of any type are a big no.

Don’t do this for any party.

Every single one of mine has been Democrat crap.

political puppet show, the usual, usa

Source link from Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter at the end:

America’s two-party sock puppet show is always fake. Always. Buying into any part of it supports the whole fake show.
“But the red puppet acts different from the blue puppet!”
Yes. That’s how puppet shows work. Characters act different. Cheering for either is endorsing the lie.

You can absolutely make the case that one of the puppets acts less reprehensibly than the other during the show. But the show always ends the same: everyone in the audience gets a punch in the mouth and has to give all their money to the military.


new york thanksgiving parade

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