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aggressive amazon captcha

I just wanted to check a price, and Amazon got all aggressive with me. Not sure what the “TB” means in this case.

chedraui cancun 2010

This week in 2010, shoppin’ at the Chedraui in Cancun.

shopping in amish country

Shopping from some Amish people in a market today, I asked “credit card?” They said no.

I should have kept going. Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, GPay?

I can’t shop like this! lol.

We had the cash.


As a child, it was thrilling to go Christmas shopping with my family downtown. Stores glittering and music thumping inside. 🎄

Now it’s bankrupt shopping malls and Target. 🎯

stealth shopping pro

How to shop at Lawndale Target then Harris Teeter and only park once on the nice side.

I like parking near Target because it’s less entrapping than the Teeter side plus returning to Lawndale offers a nice curved ramp.

Shop Target then run things back to the car. Don’t get freezer items.

Take Target cart over to the Teeter and kinda hide it behind a column. You can’t take the Teeter cart over to the Target side without the wheels locking. Target carts will go anywhere. That’s why you see them pushed down embankments on Battleground even.

Have your fun at HT, then come out and offload into the Target cart and you’re free. I’ve never once found my red cart gone.

made out like a bandit

I had the best luck at Target today. 🎯 I should go buy a lottery ticket.

I saw some socks and boxer briefs that I liked marked down twice on clearance. Nice brands and classy lookin’. The lowest clearance price was more than adequate, but I went to the scanner just to check. The scanned price was half of the lowest clearance price! I pulled my cart up and emptied the shelf. 😃

middle-of-the-night shopping run

I went by Target at 1 AM Friday morning just for the experience of being in a store at such an hour and to see what kind of people were out shopping at 1 AM.  I was just there to observe, so that made it OK, though I did buy two items.  lol.  The other shoppers looked fine, though some were drunk and loud.

Some of the prices were very good.  I looked at televisions and the Nooks.  Some were tempting, especially a Hello Kitty flatscreen TV, but I didn’t really need either in spite of trying hard to rationalize a purchase.  I had to fall back on an old shopping mantra:  sometimes the best way to save money is not to buy.  I ended up walking out with just a carton of orange juice and a pair of sweatpants.  The total was about $10.

Here is how the store looked after midnight.  I like how the parking lot light affected the camera.


shop the mall

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can’t spend two grand at home depot

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ripped mannequin at the mall

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