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Back when about every single thing we had came from Sears. 🎄

brian’s christmas music videos

He has uploaded quite a few. Some of those instruments are over 100 years old!


As a child, it was thrilling to go Christmas shopping with my family downtown. Stores glittering and music thumping inside. 🎄

Now it’s bankrupt shopping malls and Target. 🎯

christmas mock

The corporate kindness is amazing! 🙄

T-Mobile donates to Feeding America if you play with their app and do certain things on social media. So passionate about giving back. Feeding America usually shows somebody handing a child a to-go box. 😮

Walmart has free Thanksgiving dinner, but you have to pay for it and wait for cash back on some 3rd party app. At least it includes a 2-L Coke and a can of Campbell’s.

I just feel the need to do my thing and mock a little.

Add some Christmas Child Operation Blessing, and you’d be cooking with gas. 🔥 🎄

beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house

I read today that the East Colonnade of the White House looks like the Lair of Krampus.

The inspiration for this post was this fun read on au.org.

Image permission details:  copyright expired. Public Domain (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krampus#/media/File:Nikolaus_krampus.jpg)


greek german seasonal joy

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two visits from santa long ago

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christmas shopping

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stella and ella do silent night

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flutes on fourth – christmas music

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