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aggressive amazon captcha

I just wanted to check a price, and Amazon got all aggressive with me. Not sure what the “TB” means in this case.

comparison shopping for a dvd

I’d like to have this collector’s edition Blu-ray disc of The Dead Zone coming out in July.

Look what Amazon did. Free shipping for $25 orders, so the disc is priced $24.99. It’s like I’m being given the finger. 🖕

I’ll just get it from CD Universe where I buy most things of this type and have since the dial-up Internet days.

CD Universe also carries porn in case you have some friend who is interested in that.

amazon price check fail

I just wanted to check a price, but Amazon doesn’t like my IP address (I’m on a VPN), so the progress bar goes halfway across then stops. Next image, it fails. The web server won’t serve.

Fine. What I want is cheaper over at CD Universe anyway, and they won’t give a damn about a VPN. I’ve only been shopping with them since the dawn of the Internet.

CD Universe conveniently has “adult,” too. 😉

skinny cart

I mean I could, but I think I’ll hold for other items to go with it.

rendezvous for prime

That feeling when you stay up all night drinking and order so much from Amazon that it takes two vans to deliver it all on a Sunday. 😱

Actually, there’s nothing for us in those vans this time. It’s an Amazon rendezvous.

We see that in the neighborhood sometimes. Two of them get together and run freight back and forth.