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good target coupon

A good coupon that came in the mail for little reason because we go to Target all the time anyway.

Low minimum, and the exclusions are easily avoidable things that are basically price-fixed with big margins: Dyson, beats, Samsung, etc.

Two or three grocery items will meet the minimum.

target cards

A nice gift. Load it with $500, give it to me.

Wall of Target gift cards

those exciting grocery bags

Old grocery bag collection from 2018.

semi-fake crisis at target

You can’t trust very much. Sometimes things are, sometimes they ain’t.

A friend posted a pic of a huge empty area in Target claiming it evidence of crisis. It was the day after back-to-school and Target was switching it out to Halloween. I went by later and took pics of the rest of the store bursting with merchandise. gyaahd.

Friend claimed that shelves were barren store-wide. I pointed out that in the distance in their very own photos that the store looked heavily laden. Friend then claimed that store was nearly out of Keurigs. lol

I wanted to say, “what is up with you?” but decided it was better to let it go and just mock in secret on social media.

I had seldom seen a more beautifully stocked store.

aged yogurt

Brian and I have made a game to see how long these expired yogurts will stay in the cooler at Target. 🎯

Exp. Apr. 15

stealth shopping pro

How to shop at Lawndale Target then Harris Teeter and only park once on the nice side.

I like parking near Target because it’s less entrapping than the Teeter side plus returning to Lawndale offers a nice curved ramp.

Shop Target then run things back to the car. Don’t get freezer items.

Take Target cart over to the Teeter and kinda hide it behind a column. You can’t take the Teeter cart over to the Target side without the wheels locking. Target carts will go anywhere. That’s why you see them pushed down embankments on Battleground even.

Have your fun at HT, then come out and offload into the Target cart and you’re free. I’ve never once found my red cart gone.

hostile architecture and design

I think this has plausible deniability as a social-distance separator, but I suspect it might be hostile design aimed at homeless. Usually hostile-design benches have higher hoops, so I don’t know. It drew my eye as a bit odd. Maybe it’s dual-purpose.

me and target

Me. 👍 🎯

the target salsa incident

We’ll damn. It slipped.

mobile l’trine

If you go to Target on Lawndale, you can enjoy the new outdoor honey wagon. 🚽 🍯

Portable bathroom trailer in front of Target store