can’t spend two grand at home depot

My washer and dryer have quit. I walk into Home Depot tonight with a budget of about $2000 for a new pair of machines.

They can't be delivered/installed until Thursday. OK, fine. But wait, it will take much longer because the stacking bracket that allows the dryer to sit on top of the washer is out of stock. An itty bitty bracket throws a wrench into the whole deal.

Somebody just get me a pair of machines out here, please. Please take my money, please, please.

It reminds me of Sears. It's like they dare you to have the audacity to try to buy something.

30 responses to “can’t spend two grand at home depot

  1. It may be quicker to fly the stuff out to you from Cape Town. Don't try telling them that in the shop though, the guy is likely to think "Cape Town" is a type of cake from Europe.

  2. Whoever let those brackets run out should have their balls (or whatever) cut off and shoved down their throat. Nah, too severe, but letting $2G walk out the door because of a freaking part? OMG.At least at Home Depot, the person wouldn't start the order. Sears, on the other hand, would write it up, take the money, and embroil me in weeks of non delivery, missed appointments, sending the wrong model, and India customer service for a local matter.I'm going to try Hart Appliance on Monday. If they can deliver by this Friday, I don't care how much it is, I'll buy it. They are a small local operation. I'm hoping they will have the stuff.

  3. What is wrong with those Home Depot jerks? I’ve always said that the only thing good about Home Depot is their selection of food grade water tubing. Oh, and rubber gloves. Can’t forget the rubber gloves. I wish they sold Crisco®, though.

  4. I’ve always liked calling it “homo depot” for the usual reasons. There are the “lesbian Sundays” when the girls are out looking at power tools, and the boys look for things to paint the bathroom. Brian and I looked cute shopping the washers together. It’s like pushing a cart together at the supermarket. Everybody knows.

    Well, I went back today and picked a different brand for which everything is in stock, and due to cancellations, delivery is scheduled for Wednesday. I wanted the Whirlpools or Maytags due to them being common as grass and repairs are easy. I ended taking the cheap LG’s figuring that if they don’t last that long, I’m not out a lot of money, plus it solved the stock issue.

    I got 6 months same as cash. Whew. That delays juggling the money for awhile.

    I didn’t want to buy from a big-box store, but options are limited. The big chains have put everybody out of business except for one local retailer where the prices are high due to them catering to specialities. Lowes had nothing on sale, and Sears is a total recipe for disaster. Best Buy has appliances, but I view them as risky as Sears, and the BB anal cavity search to exit the store has always pissed me off.

    Anyway, hoping for success on Wednesday.

  5. I’m quite sure you and Brian looked adorable. 🙂

    I can’t remember if I mentioned that my sister had stackable LG’s before moving to Oregon. She seemed to love them. Would they have lasted thirty years? No idea. They did look nice, though. Kenmore still is a magical name for me. Even though their warranty is only 90 days now. I remember when it was 25 years.

  6. I think Kenmore is mostly made by Whirlpool now, so it’s probably OK. We had Kenmore everything growing up. It was THE brand backed by “satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.”

    Oh, and we had a lot of Ted Williams stuff, like a croquet set.

  7. You know if you lived here it would be simpler, drier is unknown. You may ask how you dry clothes then. You hang them on wires, the old way was to hang them out of the window:Since it is often forbidden in modern condos, nowadays people use these things, that fold when not in use:

  8. I guess if you payed electricity the same as here you would go outside. 🙂

  9. When I was little, clothes were dried outdoors on a clothesline. They often smelled quite good afterwords, save for occasionally being hit with a glob of bird shit.The dryer saves me from going outside. :no:

  10. Probably.I have an automatic dishwasher, too. 😉 My house is small. The expenses for running it are minor. The electricity and natural gas I use to run things are priced quite low, in my opinion.I just had an energy efficient hot-water-on-demand system installed due to the failure of the 20-year old tank type one I had. In the summer, my gas bill falls under the minimum allowable billable amount now, so I get charged a flat $10/month. In the winter, the gas heat will boost usage up to about $100 during a cold month.Natural gas runs the furnace and the hot water. All other things are electric. I've never been able to cook on a gas stove/range.

  11. Yes you sound quite "green".

  12. Yes, now just you leave that V16 Bugatti in the stables, no driving around showing off any more.

  13. Originally posted by LorenzoCelsi:

    Yes you sound quite "green".

    Mashing the accelerator on my v8 pick up.

  14. Originally posted by BrianFrances:

    Yes, now just you leave that V16 Bugatti in the stables, no driving around showing off any more.

    We should settle in between with a 12-cylinder Jaguar.

  15. Home Depot finally allowed me to spend some money there. They continue to play out-of-stock roulette with the brands I wanted, Whirlpool and Maytag.I ended up getting LG with delivery on Wednesday. LG will do.

  16. Progress at last. There's many a slip twixt cup and lip. So I wait to see if this actually comes together for you, I hope it does.Hondas and Minis are best.

  17. Originally posted by BrianFrances:

    Hondas and Minis are best.

    They are both considered, at least by me, to be good buys.I see so many of the Toyota Camry. They are usually driven by a slow careful driver that I am always trying to pass in town. Toyota also has had the famous full-acceleration problem that the maker tries to blame on the floormats, but it is a computer issue that they do not want to pay to correct.I am just talking trash now to entertain myself. :devil:

  18. The new LG's are installed and churning out the laundry. We had been going to a laundromat for the past month. When we knew the new machines were about to be purchased, we stopped going and wore everything in the house, so there is a lot to do.Home Depot came through. It was a different brand then we had wanted, but LG should be OK.The installers were nice and didn't bash up the machines or the house.

  19. Life's GoodI think that's their "saying"congratulations

  20. My washing machine is Whirlpool and my Drier is Defy, neither of which have ever given any problems.

  21. Originally posted by BrianFrances:

    Life's Good

    LG is considered an odd brand here for laundry machines, as is Samsung. Service might be an issue, as many repairmen will only want to service the "American" brands (like Maytag, Whirlpool, GE) even if those brands aren't always made in the USA.The LG washer is Korea (Psy!) and the dryer is China. They were low on the range of prices available, on sale anywway, and would fit in the space I had available. The space restriction somehwat dictated what I could put in there. There is only 1 inch of excess space behind the washer including the hoses in the measurement. It's an old house and things can be tight.A new appliance of this nature can be like a new car. There is some initial fun, then you just get on to using it and getting angry when the 5000th wash doesn't go as planned.

  22. I had to look up Defy. A "distant" brand, from me. 😉 Thanks for the tip.I like large appliances. When I was a child, I used to like to watch the washer work and mess with the controls.Some people are nuts for washers and collect them: had considered getting an expensive brand, like Bosch or Miele. With those you get into a situation much like owning an exotic imported car. Only certain repairmen will service them and they charge a lot. It's better to stay mainstream.

  23. The house was originally built as two seperate dwellings under one roof but soon after was joined inside by the addition of two internal doors, so everything was replicated. When my father was about to retire, he and my Mom re converted part of the house again so that it could be rented out to supplement income. It is still rented out, now to a delightful and very good looking young man by name Remy Ngamige. Look him up he is just about to qualify at law which he has been studying at The University of Cape Town. Lovely lad.I think his website is called

  24. Ja, Bosch and Miele are available here too, but I think you might need to fly people out from Germany to service them. haha.I didn't know that Defy was/is a South African specific product. But now I know. My vacuum cleaner's product name is Nilfisk, evidently made in Denmark. I have FuchsWare fridge/freezer set and eye level FuchsWare and hob and the microwave is also Whirlpool. Now in the other kitchen (yes, this house has got two kitchens) are all sorts of appliances which I don't know what makes they are and I really don't particularly want to know either.

  25. Like the washing machines were made in Germany instead of Romania or China.

  26. BTW, I will be looking into Defy, Nilfisk, and FuchsWare (I have heard of this one). Thanks.

  27. It's good to know of the "foreign" brands and where they are from. I'm into it.Primarily, I like to inspect and admire the larger appliances like washers, dryers, automatic dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, and sometimes vacuums. It's a bit of a fetish.My main interest has been the old classic American makes, but I always try to learn of the brands from other countries. With companies becoming so trans-national, things are starting to get homogenized.A strange/funny story. In the late 90's, I downloaded a porn pic from usenet (the newsgroups) that had some sex going on on top of a glass-top electric range. The top of the range had Kokopellis engraved in the glass. I wanted it bad. I could tell from other clues in the pic that it was somewhere in Europe, but I didn't know where. I e-mailed the photographer, totally ignoring the sex in the pic, and asked if he could please tell me the brand of that electric range. He never replied. :-(My current home brands:Washer/dryer: now LG, was MaytagRefrigerator: MaytagDishwasher: MaytagElectric stove/range: GEMicrowave: GEVacuum: AeroPro (weird Chinese make)You can tell I was into Maytag, but it is now almost a failed brand, much like Hoover. Maytag and Hoover historically had stellar reputations but are now hollowed-out shells still enjoying good sales from what people remember them being from over a decade ago.Later I can get into what I have seen in Mexico and Cuba. The fridges in Cuba were mostly Russian. Very interesting!

  28. lavadora y secadora

  29. Originally posted by BrianFrances:


    Almost every air conditioner I saw in Cuba was an LG.All the refrigerators I saw there were Russian, I think. They all leaked water terribly, so most people had a large plastic container under them. It is humid as hell there, so anything cold is going to have water running off of it in sheets.I don't know why I notice the things I do.

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