ripped mannequin at the mall

I briefly thought about yanking it's pants down.

14 responses to “ripped mannequin at the mall

  1. Never seen anything like that. A black Friday thing? :yikes:

  2. I have another suggestion. 😉

  3. the bs about guys wearing their pants below their ass is getting out of hand. that is just plain bs when even the stores are starting to advertise wearing them that way. don't they realize they are promoting prison wear by showing clothing worn like that?

  4. 😆

  5. But he's a sexy sagger! Actually, he's more of a low-riser.The store was Express. Very tame.The only clothes I care about are the ones I'm wearing.

  6. Kimberly is absolutely correct! Prison wear 🙂

  7. and it gets worse every day. these kids seem to think its fun to wear that style. maybe they should spend some time behind them prison bars to see exactly how it feels to have to wear them like that. they are worn that way for a reason in the mens prison system. do they really think its a cool thing to show their cracks to other men…men that WANT WHAT IS IN THAT CRACK? its bs.sry, Dave, but it is.

  8. All this is is a fun (to me) post about a mannequin I saw while shopping. The mannequin is not showing ass. He's got form-fitting pants and a belt on.This is Fox-News-type hysterics which I know some, uh, love. :heart: :p I view it as sex-in-retail, certainly nothing new. If it bothered me, I wouldn't shop there, but it doesn't bother me. I enjoyed the momentary fantasy of a mildly provocative mannequin. I wish I could wear pants like that.A sagger is certainly not going to shop at Express. That's not their clientele, and it's not what's in the pic. Hell, Dillard's and Macy's do a better job in that department.—Anyway, going on to real saggers, i.e. the possible prison wear. I had a teenage neighbor years ago who was trying to cop the sagger look. He was out mowing his yard, looking ridiculous, with his pants absolutely as low as possible. He was having a helluva time pushing that mower and keeping those pants up.I was turning into my driveway while he was mowing, and coincidentally at that moment, his pants fell all the way down. I mean I saw it all! I rolled down my window, whistled, and yelled out, "oh baby!" He ran into the house, and I never saw him with his pants that low again.It was an easy fix!

  9. lmao, you got the 1 in a million shot there, and you got the 1 in a million teens. they just don't care anymore if you whistle and all that at them. there are so many kids here that wear their pants like that, that sometimes its hard to distinguish where the ass ends and the pants start.

  10. My mama's in prison. She wears her Depends hanging down around her ass in there. I've got to talk to her about it.

  11. sry to say, but thats just how they wear their clothes in there. i doubt it if she will change if she's in there.

  12. She's getting out in February. I'm getting her ricer ready with new powerful subwoofer but warning her not to play it in Florida.

  13. believe it or not, i had to look up "ricer" to find out what you meant by that.hope she knows how to drive carefully. lolwhy should she not want to play it in Florida? do we have a law against it here?

  14. Ah, real news has no penetration.

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