shop the mall

We rarely go shopping at the mall. There is a new H&M that just opened there, so we went to see.

Image #1: fat boy (me) trying on pants at Belk. Weird color, but I took 'em.

Image #2: For a brief moment of fantasy, I pinch the nipple on a mannequin. It didn't squeal.

Image #3: Brian looks at a scarf that has a lot of plusses to it.

Image #4: sweater mania.

Image #5: 'nother sweater.

4 responses to “shop the mall

  1. You should go shopping at the mall more often, it looks like you both had a good time.

  2. I looked up H&M and I see that they have stores in every country of the world except South Africa. So far. What does H&M stand for ?

  3. Hennes & Mauritz.H&M is nothing to write home about. They are nice, however. Some style, low price.

  4. There's an H&M near to where I live. They recently refurbished the store to make it look upmarket. This is because they are next to a Primark who have taken over two empty stores and created a massive discount clothes outlet. I bought a bright orange shirt from H&M which gets plenty of comments at work. :devil:

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