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saratoga hotel explosion havana cuba

The hotel explosion yesterday in Havana was the Saratoga. In 2005, we spent an afternoon exploring that area.

Our 2005 pic shows the green Saratoga as seen from the steps of the Capitolio (Capitol Building). The other pic is a recent news one from granma.cu moments after the explosion.

When I heard of the explosion today, the first thing I thought was that Miami did it. Probably not true. It looks to have been a liquefied natural gas explosion.

I’ll be waiting to see what happens to the building. You know it will break hearts to see it come down.

broken soap promise

I wish a mere bar of soap would calm me down. Not calm! 😱

hit the roof

In-room hotel baskets.

Quite nice for a Red Roof.

when the hotel wifi is down

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unusual hotel – and campground

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sucking on some goobers in a cheap hotel room

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hotel annoyances

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the view from my hotel room

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all alone in a hotel with beverly hills chihuahua

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hotel vending machine

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