unusual hotel – and campground

This is one of the more unusual places I've stayed. The town, Saint Stephen, South Carolina, is quite small, and there are only two choices for lodging that I know of: a somewhat expensive Econolodge, and the Arrowhead. I've never stayed at the Arrowhead, so I wanted to check it out. It's quite far off the main road, so the cell signal is unreliable. Pulling data from the weak cell signal was next to impossible. Without having much hope, I booted the netbook and noticed a wifi signal in the air. I went to the office and asked if they knew whose it was. They said, "it's ours, here's the password." Woohoo! 😀

Image #1: the decorative beehives in front of the property. They have plans to build a White House version soon. They said many passersby mistake them for bird houses. If somebody ever tries to steal one, they will find out that they are NOT bird houses. They are full of bees. :devil:

Image #2: These are the regular beehives. There are many more than just these shown in the image. I have already bought a large jar of honey.

Image 3: the entrance sign listing the amenities.

Image #4: Dog!

6 responses to “unusual hotel – and campground

  1. operainchicago

    You are a brave man Dave :yikes:

  2. That place actually looks great! Definitely an adventure in character as opposed to the (seemingly) sterile, vanilla ambiance of an Econolodge. That place sort of reminds me of my favorite place to visit on the coast of Washington called the Sou'wester Lodge. You haven't lived until you've rented one of the trailers and spent a weekend there. http://souwesterlodge.com/photos/

  3. Yes! Many of them are Spartan aluminum trailers from the late 50's early 60's. :up:I've never rented it, but the the last trailer in the background of the last picture is a "two story" with the upper level containing the "master bedroom". You can just see the bedroom window over the roof of the Airstream in front of it.

  4. That Sou'wester Lodge looks great. Some nice vintage trailers there. 🙂

  5. I always wonder how successfully anyone towed those giant things. I imagine they didn't move very fast. Even our moderate-sized one makes my Dodge wheeze on hills.

  6. handsomehellen

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