hotel annoyances

I stay in hotels many days per year for my work. By far, the #1 hotel annoyance is the magnetic key card that stops working. It happens everywhere, cheap or expensive.

On a 5-day stay, it can mean repeated runs up and down stairs, elevator rides, or long walks around the building. Back and forth to the reception over and over to get the card refreshed. Every time I arrive at the front desk there will be several people waiting to be checked in. That means I have to wait, or I have to interrupt by saying, "it's not working again."

The worst is when the reception acts like you're a pain in the ass. Sometimes they say, "keep it away from your cell phone. It demagnetizes them." Whatever smarty. Everybody's got a cell phone. What a safe excuse.

Another good one is the hotel that is low on supplies. Housekeeping will come by at 9AM to collect the sheets and towels and not return with them for 5 hours.

Anyway, I'm not a demanding guest. Check me in and leave me alone. I don't care if the TV is crappy or the air conditioner is noisy. Sometimes I make a deal with housekeeping: give me extra supplies and you don't have to clean the room for 3 days. They usually like that. :up:

A hotel truism: cheap and moderate hotels will often provide a level of service that rivals much more expensive ones, and they don't charge extra for it. You might have to coax, but you will usually get.

My favorite thing: the hotel that can get me checked in and have a key in my hand within mere minutes, sometimes as little as 1 minute. Many are good at this, even the cheapies.

If reception asks me what type of room I want, my answer is always "the quietest one." 😀

2 responses to “hotel annoyances

  1. I haven't stayed in a hotel for a while. I have stayed in varying hotels from the more expensive to the cheap and cheerful. I've got to agree with your truism that cheap and moderate hotels can provide high levels of service as well. Sometimes that personal touch can transform your stay.

  2. Originally posted by harrytheman:

    Sometimes that personal touch can transform your stay.

    The old 1960's hotels can often be charming. They are frequently on lightly-used highways that have been bypassed by an interstate highway. There is one that I regularly use that is *so* quiet. Sometimes I am the only guest there. It is romantic and relaxing, but I sometimes worry that I will be found chopped up in the shower. The Bates Motel

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