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cadbury eggs

Not a single Cadbury Creme Egg in the entire store. Brutal! Store terminal showed no stock. 😱


Candy. BowWowWow


A decision needs to be made. 😬

Doesn’t matter, really, Both will be eventually consumed.

necco candy

Necco candy wafers with the bad flavors pulled out. Maybe about 1/4 of the roll.

necco candy wafers

People often cringe when seeing these, but they are a favorite candy for me. I try to choose a roll with the fewest licorice, but three will usually be the minimum. One can never get none.

I thought Necco had gone out of business, but these were at the Food Lion today.

found the easter candy i wanted – relieved

I was walking the aisles of the store scanning the shelves for what I wanted.

Not seeing the item, I began to get anxious and angry:

Where are they?

Where are they?

Where TF are they?

Another spectacular supply chain failure.

Then I found them. Relieved. The Cadbury Creme Eggs. 🥚 🐰

in the easter candy section

These are very good. YumEarth organic vegan jelly beans. $4 at Target.

easter candy

Welcoming the Easter candy. 🐰


I made dinner tonight. Afterwards I whipped this exquisite confection out of the freezer.

Recipe available if desired.

rainbow candy

It’s the amazing Russell Stover agenda. 🌈

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Russell Stover Valentine chocolates in rainbow colored packaging

Russell Stover Valentine chocolates in rainbow colored packaging