the view from my hotel room

Well, it's almost a normal hotel. By "normal", I mean no burning cars in the parking lot, very few gunshots, and the prostitutes stay in the back away from the street. :jester:

Then again, "abnormal" is sometimes really the "normal". 😀

By the way, I love those Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors, though I prefer them in black. Even the regular non-police models are fast as a rocket, posh inside, elegant, and comfortable. They have a commanding presence on the road. The back seat is so wide you can lay down on it no problem.

3 responses to “the view from my hotel room

  1. Yes, I agree about the car, it's bad@$$ :headbang: I hope everything is OK, with so much police and all.

  2. Hmmmm….how do you know you can lay down in the back seat? :p

  3. Originally posted by PainterWoman:

    Hmmmm….how do you know you can lay down in the back seat?

    This reminds me of a car story from the late 70's when I first entered university.I lived in the international dorm where there was a high concentration of foreign students. It was a popular dorm, in fact I had to bid on living there. My first roommate was from Canada. Boring! I wanted something exotic, lol.Across the hall there were two guys from two countries in Africa, I don't remember which ones. They were FUN guys, the life of the hall.They came and got me one day, "Dave, we bought a CAR! Come and see it." I went out there and they had bought a HUGE old Riviera for $500. It was like a mobile home it was so big. They were laughing and saying that their car was bigger than the cars of the leaders of their two countries. They showed me the back seat, and how you could lay all the way down in it without touching your head or feet to the sides. I looked down on the floorboard and saw a condom down there. I said, "uh huh, party car." They said, "well, we had to break it in!' They were always funny. 😆 They were driving it to Myrtle Beach one time and it broke down by the side of the road. They sold it "as is" for $400 to the first guy who stopped to help them. They rode with the guy to the next town where they found a beat up Plymouth Valiant for $300. They bought it and used that to continue to the beach and back. They told this story to the entire dorm when they got back from the beach. The kept saying, "America is a miracle. We love it here!" 😆 Man, I loved them. They threw the best parties.

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