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old kmart battery

Something Brian bought off eBay had this inside.

Kmart 9 volt heavy duty battery.

Kmart, Satisfaction Always

Kmart December 1974 Reel To Reel – Christmas

“This is a digitized version of an in-store reel to reel tape that was played within a Kmart store in December 1974.”

We had fun listening to this last December. Two hours of Christmas music played in a K-Mart (and probably nationally) along with shoplifting deterrents, reminders to only smoke in the snack bar, and other things.

The music is fun and good. Song listing is down in the comments.


the horror of kmart

Abandoned K-Mart. God, I hated those places. The only one I’ve ever been in that was halfway fun was the one at Myrtle Beach, and it’s gone now, too.

If you wanted to be stripped of your dignity and not save any money, Kmart was the place to go.

long walks in abandoned shopping centers

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all alone in a hotel with beverly hills chihuahua

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if you want to be alone, shop at k-mart

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