bird walk

Brian and I went out hiking in the park to look at some birds. We have on our matching Audubon birding shirts. 🐦

In one pic I’m on my back on a bench flinging my knee around so I can survive the walk.

the sweet little “bu”

My little rental “Bu.”

Got to be about the nicest rental car I’ve ever had. I never imagined that such an average car as a Malibu could be so good. I had to drive the hell out of that thing this past week.

— comfortable
— engine responds immediately to throttle
— combination of digital and analog controls. I didn’t have to do an in-depth study before driving away.

I’ve gotten luxury upgrades from the rental car companies before that weren’t as good as this Malibu.

I don’t need a car right now, but if I did, I wouldn’t mind one of these.

rental car

Rental car. Chevy Malibu.

Favorite of spouse beaters, pot smokers, drinkers, those who spill their seed on the ground, and other such losers and criminals. Same goes for Pontiac Grand Am. 😉

Ha! It’s actually one of the nicest rentals I’ve ever had.

corona at olive garden

Olive Garden is trying to hide the Corona. 😷

easter walk

Easter walk with Small Dog Club.

easter candy

I ordered these as Easter candy since no store nearby has anything that I want.

We’re working on ’em.

coches usados y banderas

My morning walk to Popeyes, I spotted something special in the air. 🇨🇺

Right hyar in America! 😉

I learned long ago, that while in Florida, don’t go braggin’ around that ya been there. Sometimes they’ll let fly at you like Mussolini from the balcony.

Popeyes hockey biscuit

Popeye’s famous hockey puck biscuits. This one actually looks more moist than usual. Wait until afternoon.

Give somebody two of these and no drink and you won’t hear from them for a while, or maybe just struggling noises.

waffle house coffee

Waffle House coffee. ☕

miami airport view

I have a pretty good view of the Miami airport. ✈️

It was still light out for the first pic vs. after midnight for the second.