deli la unión

Take-out snack for my hotel in Charlotte from Deli la Unión: a tamale, couple of wings, and some nectar of the #fantabrotherhood .

The woman in the deli packed my little order with love. I could tell it. I sorta loved her for a moment.

#fanta #delilaunion #tamales

Open take out box showing a tamale, two chicken wings, can of Fanta orange to the side

Open take out box showing a tamale, two chicken wings, can of Fanta orange to the side

indecision in the walmart

I spent a fair amount of time at Walmart agonizing over which brush I liked better. The Revlon was $4.77, the Conair $3.88. I got the Conair. It was a tough decision.

#hairbrush #revlon #conair

Revlon and Conair hair brushes side-by-side in my hand

Abandoned Revlon hair brush on a counter

those healthy-eating word salads

I smile when some blank-profile keyboard warrior “word salads” an issue to lend credibility and appear to be intellectual.

It adds to the fun of sifting through the 5h1t. I’ve been a student of propaganda most of my life. I like it.

blocked again on facebook

I’m in Facebook jail again!

For the second time in a week, I’m blocked from my account. FB doesn’t like what I post, and all I post is garbage. Freakin’ kindergarten. The prohibited words seem to be “Russia” (last week) and “sodomy” (today).

I wish they’d save me the trouble and just delete my account. It would improve my life.

I’m liking MeWe and Mastodon more all the time.



It’s disappointing to see a friend with good politics dive off the nutcasin’ deep end. Maybe it happens to me, too, a little bit, sometimes. 🏊

the vatican margarita

It’s the highly exclusive Vatican Margarita.

#margarita #vatican #popefrancis

Brian pic then and now

Brian, approximately 1979, on the steps of the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bellegrove, Pennsylvania.

We took another pic on the same steps just today. Just forty years later.