the good things devils do – movie

I rented this one last night. I thought it would be something I would really like.

The Good Things Devils Do

— horror
— indie
— low -budget
— nearly local film company in Asheville North Carolina

All of those points appealed to me. I often like low budget indie films.

I was disappointed, because SuttleFilm of Asheville has a lot of movies out. If this one was good, I was going to rent several more.

Not worth it. I was mostly bored and frustrated with the movie. I was not scared a single time. Characters were flat, and there was little to no plot. It was hard to tell if it was a parody movie making fun of the genre.

This might be strange to say, but a positive point was that the gore was well done, frequently artfully so. Also, the sets were pretty in a horror sort of way. I liked them.

The reviews for this movie were good, but I think they were basically press releases repeated over and over. Book and movie reviews seem to be mostly a game in this way.

I’ll keep looking, because I’m really in the mood for some good horror and have some time to watch it.

covid masks made in north carolina

From friends at SiembraNC, there is a business newly open to the public making masks. These look real good for personal use and as gifts. Locally made in North Carolina. It would be great to see this business clobbered with orders. Prices look good. Just gotta pick some out.


Today we’re writing with exciting news: we launched a social enterprise, Hecho en Carolina, and for the first time you can be part of helping create dignified, living wage jobs in rural counties for our members who have lost income because of the pandemic, and have been denied federal assistance.

If you’re thinking about how to honor the people in your life through holiday gift giving, you can order high quality handmade face masks right now – designed by and for essential workers.

Hecho en Carolina’s creators left their textile factory jobs this summer after multiple workplace outbreaks sickened family members, and the employers refused to take even basic safety precautions.

At the same time, our friends at the Guilford County Association of Educators reached out with a request: Would we help them design a best-in-class breathable face mask that would hold up to all-day use by frontline workers staffing meal pickup locations?

After months of focusing on custom wholesale orders, Hecho en Carolina has launched an online store, so more essential workers can have access to these masks, while supporting dignified work.

supermarket scope out

I was shopping in the Harris Teeter supermarket the other day, and there was an overly muscled guy in a tank top walking around flexing for anybody who would look.

I thought to myself, “Pffft! That skinny security guard over there by the hummus is a helluva lot better.” 😁

For me, that’s just the way it is. lol. I should have gone over to the guard and said, “oh! I was just looking for hummus!”


Brian and I still doing our thing.

car anatomy

It looked funny in the parking lot like that. Intriguing.

christmas mock

The corporate kindness is amazing! 🙄

T-Mobile donates to Feeding America if you play with their app and do certain things on social media. So passionate about giving back. Feeding America usually shows somebody handing a child a to-go box. 😮

Walmart has free Thanksgiving dinner, but you have to pay for it and wait for cash back on some 3rd party app. At least it includes a 2-L Coke and a can of Campbell’s.

I just feel the need to do my thing and mock a little.

Add some Christmas Child Operation Blessing, and you’d be cooking with gas. 🔥 🎄

beer and italian

Always the beers. Either at M’Coul’s or Vito’s. This time Vito’s. We like the Blue Moon on tap, sometimes mixed with cider. 🍻

ava gardner

Several years ago, I stood at Ava Gardner’s grave in Smithfield and cried like a baby.

Just kidding. I just stood there and thought, “she down in there, I guess.”

more reading

Slightly more serious reading:

Venezuelan Elections and Resisting US Interference in them.

reading on the clock

Yesterday was a rather slow drag at work, so I read all kinds of odd stuff, mostly to do with old television.

Sometime back when Arnold Palmer died, I did a whole day of reading about his life.

Yesterday was:

Phyllis Diller
Elizabeth Montgomery
Carol Burnett
Paul Lynde
Dick and Jerry Van Dyke
Marty Ingels

and many more…

I also read serious things. This is just the fun entertainment.