thinking of cuba

Visiting in Havana, Cuba, 2005.

difficult e-mail

When somebody sends an email that includes no text, only remote loading images, this is what happens. Totally blank.

I don’t know what the compulsion is for taking a block of text and converting it into an image.

openweather on mobile

I like this weather app I’m trying out. It’s called OpenWeather.

“Precipitation will start within 24 minutes.” lol 🌦️

I’m in it for the nicely functioning home screen widget.

peach sliceup plus sangria

The all-night sangria freepour alliance is up at 4 am slicing peaches.

Our next-door neighbor is on his back deck at this hour smoking.

Everything normal.

net software faves

Various things we like for desktop computer for our everyday net business of high importance. We are very important 💡

Mobile list is similar with some variations.

Some we have used for a very long time. The web browsers handle so many things these days.

2008 washington dc

July 2008. Well, it had to be done.

cccp pin

I just got this pin from Amazon. LOL. There’s more on the way.

dog sleepers

This is the way we like to sleep.

220 volt power in usa

We just got this 110v to 220v step-up transformer so we can now power up those odd electric gadgets from the old USSR that Brian buys on eBay.

So far the gadgets are all metronomes.

We got the 1000 watt transformer in case we get something that has a vacuum tube or two in it.

cuba from cancun

Cancun 2010. Cancun has a high number of travel agents per capita. You’re never very far from one . As shown on this board, any of them can get you on a plane to Cuba.

USA, doesn’t matter. Cuba will let you right in, at least they did in 2005 when we went. Cuba will even do you the favor of not stamping your passport so you can lie about it if you wish. That said, you will have an exit stamp from Mexico then a reentry with unexplained time in between.