small dog passout

Complete pass out. It’s JJ. 🐶

halloween desktop dressout

I like this desktop wallpaper. ❤️ 🎃

Got it here:

semi-fake crisis at target

You can’t trust very much. Sometimes things are, sometimes they ain’t.

A friend posted a pic of a huge empty area in Target claiming it evidence of crisis. It was the day after back-to-school and Target was switching it out to Halloween. I went by later and took pics of the rest of the store bursting with merchandise. gyaahd.

Friend claimed that shelves were barren store-wide. I pointed out that in the distance in their very own photos that the store looked heavily laden. Friend then claimed that store was nearly out of Keurigs. lol

I wanted to say, “what is up with you?” but decided it was better to let it go and just mock in secret on social media.

I had seldom seen a more beautifully stocked store.

halloween mobile

The mobile dressed out for Halloween. 🎃


When large parts of the net go down, it’s important to buy toilet paper and cryptocurrency. Hurry!

That package was $50! j/k, it was $25.




Me trying on glasses at Oscar Oglethorpe in Greensboro. Their service/selection is A+, but sometimes I get nice things online from Zenni, too.

Yikes, I feel as worn as I look today.

Both sets of glasses look better than in the pics. The base colors are deep and reflective.

I got the blue-topped ones. Better fit, more appealing to me.



retro night here

Retro night here.
If it says “Italo Disco,” I’m probably going to like it.

exotic lunch

Tomato sandwich with exotic side dish that I poured out of the bag all by myself.