usa trains

Talk about stating the obvious. The whole world knows where the USA’s looted money goes.

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  1. Comrade Vegan

    Jon’s posting like he hit his head against something quite soundly.

  2. It’s especially sad seeing how the US built a trans-continental railway before 1900. We’re talking 4000Km. That’s what, 2500 miles? And it actually worked, while here in Europe we were still squabbling over track gauges.

  3. The problem with the whole “Europe has passenger trains, why can’t we” people is this: most of Western Europe would fit comfortably inside of Texas.

    Meanwhile, where we do have passenger trains that work reasonably well, even despite the subsidies, they have a hard time competing with planes for trips like Boston to New York or DC. Where the trains still do work is for commuters in Boston, New York, and some other East Coast cities.

    California spent something like $30 billion trying to build a high-speed train between LA and San Francisco. I don’t know if you’ve looked, but for $30 billion, you could buy a couple of major airlines.

    So passenger trains are unlikely to ever be economic in the USA.


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, CDMX
    Where, sadly, the subway is where I seem to have gotten covid more than once.

    • I think Jon in the image is referring to passenger rail as you are. My snark comment in the post is in the aftermath of the Ohio derail and the lack of response or responsibility. The money for that is gone.

      • Well, yes. And now there’s been some horrendous amount of ethanol spilled into Minnesota from yet another derailment. At least ethanol isn’t all that dangerous, but look out for drunk cows!

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