personal banking fuckup

Here’s a good one.

The itty-bitty place that handles my banking had a website malfunction Friday night which caused my browser to reload a few times. I got locked out due to “repeated attempts.” I have to call to regain access which I did Monday morning.

Because I had 2-factor authentication on, “that’s 3rd party,” they have to contact somebody else to reset and get back to me. They haven’t.

I’m thinking that like many places, services have been farmed out and they have no ability to operate them.

I’d think that a customer losing account access might be a thing, but no.

4 responses to “personal banking fuckup

  1. In other words, they don’t actually own the services they provide. So what exactly are they selling you?

  2. I have accounts with big-ish banks and a rinky-dink bank. Sadly the rinky-dink bank can’t provide the level of service of the bigger ones. And now the gov’t is trying to herd us all into the big ones. It seems like every crisis is just an excuse for the government to consolidate industries into fewer and fewer, bigger players.


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, CDMX
    Where the tales of Mexican banks my friends tell are hair-raising.</i?

    • My little local bank works great for the main things, but I had some credit card fraud issues with two other banks, one large, one small.

      Fraud charges start hitting hard:

      Small bank. I have to call in. Takes a long time. Card blocked at that moment. They have to mail me forms to sign and return by postal mail. New card then gets mailed. Time without card access, nearly a month.

      BIG bank. The biggest asshole in the country, maybe the world, lol. I was able to report fraud online. Card was put on enhanced verification status while new one went in the mail. Time without card access. Zero!

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