will you just hold the damned product?

When somebody hands you something, the natural thing is to reach out and take it.

With a flyer, it’s not too bad, because it can be tossed away easily. As part of a sales pitch, it’s harder. Once it’s in hand, the sale is half made. Odds go way up. The sales person then has leverage.

It tried this once on a liquid miracle cleaner person at the door. They kept pushing the bottle at my hand during the talk, tapping against it a couple of times. I kept my arms limp at my sides. Then they tapped my stomach with the bottle getting frustrated and saying, “will you just hold the damned product?”

We were both surprised and started laughing about it. I bought some just for the fun of the encounter and the strange charm of the salesperson.

The miracle cleaner was average but had a fresh exciting scent.

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