mentally devoid

I’m having a hard time this morning finding something to satirize. Maybe another cup of coffee..


The first full-length novel that I picked out and read all by myself was The Exorcist (1971). I got off to a good start.

It was sold out all over town, but I called around and found it at Straughan’s on Lawndale. I got my mother to take me over there “to get something important and can I have four dollars?”

She was pissed when she saw what I got. By the time we got back home, she changed that to, “well, I guess it’s good you are reading.”


I like it when a website interferes with a right click to make copy/paste harder, yet CTL+C and CTL+V (or middle click) still work fine.

bluegrass state

Q: I wonder if the capital of Kentucky is pronounced LEWIS-ville or LOUIE-ville?

A: It’s pronounced Frankfort.

(Brian actually heard this on a bus one time)

mi maletín

mi camiseta

alta cocina