I have sometimes hoped that someone would criticize my fluff posting with something like, “Don’t you ever work on the issues?” Then I could counter with, “The fluff posting might be a cover.”

Yes, the fluff is a cover, or this post might be a cover of cover.

fb cleanse

For the second time in two months I have scrubbed my Facebook wall. It’s in case I lose my GD mind over world gone mad. I’m ok on other networks, but FB feed triggers me. Twitter, WordPress, MeWe, VK don’t bother me. Who knows.

is it always fake?

I was in a business last night that had a TV running on Fox News. I could not hear it, only see banners and captions from a distance. I swear for a moment I saw Fox reporting a bit of naked truth. Is this possible? Maybe if it serves an agenda? FYI: I am also contemptuous of MSNBC and others.

fakety FB

So comforting.

Screenshot_2018-12-18 Facebook


Over the decades, I have met Mexican and Guatemalan citizens in Mexico who spoke little to no Spanish. They spoke indigenous languages, often Mayan. It surprised me the first time. I mention this because of the recent death in the news. Mayan country is treasure of the world. ❤️

gonna miss flickr

Brian and I paid the “discounted” 1st-year ransom to SmugMug for our beloved old flickr account while copying all of it over to Piwigo for safekeeping. I moved 11,500 pics (15 GB) last night. Piwigo will get the next renewal. SmugMug pissed me off.

#piwigo #flickr #smugmug


Sliced Snickers on a plate.