stupid instagram signup attempt

A lot of people post Instagram links that I cannot see because they require a login. I decided to get an account to have a look around and was pleased that, unlike TikTok, an app wasn’t required for signup, only an e-mail.

I followed a few friends and had a look around. That’s all.

Day 3, I get blocked with a notice that my account was locked for community violations. I hadn’t even done anything yet. No Uploads, nothing. It demanded a phone number to unlock. I assume getting the number was its goal.

I have a spare virtual number, so I provided and confirmed that. Bam! It moved on to the next step seen in the image. I actually started to do it but was lacking the dexterity and coordination that day.

I decided that this is too stupid for words, and it doesn’t even say that providing the image will be the end of it. There might be more.

Fuckit. Don’t need it. I’ll never see anyone there.

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