Monthly Archives: June 2022

sundaes on it thursday

Medicinal sundaes at the Queen.

closeted flag

Our rainbow flag is temporarily in the closet. 🏳️‍🌈


No telling where I’m having breakfast this morning.


It often feels weird that I am the last living member of my biological family. That “tree” ends with me.

but, of course

I love my spouse 100%. That’s the family. 💯

yellow magic orchestra

One of my favorite 1980’s records and bands.

Yellow Magic Orchestra. LP: X∞Multiplies

adequate, but slightly incompatible


This doesn’t really work. Do not attempt at home.

memories of an old vw disaster car

Thinking about a late 1970’s VW Rabbit Diesel with a blown head gasket that I drove in the late 1980’s. Bittersweet times.

Sometimes the driver-side window would fall down inside the door, usually when it was raining.

Blowing the horn was touching two wires together that hung from under the dash.

I bought it for $200, and sold it three years later for the same.

Starting it in cold weather required working through a mental spreadsheet of things that had worked in the past all depending on temperature and length of time since last run. If none worked, get out the ether spray and hope that nothing would explode.

guatemala video

I’ve been studying these issues for 40+ years.

Early 1980’s, a US magazine reporter (can’t remember now which), crawled on his stomach for long distances to discover entire villages wiped out. Everybody dead. The photography was grisly.

Then, 2021, Empire Queen, Kamala do-not-come-to-US Harris, makes her first international trip after taking office to hang out with the Guatemalan President. Sickening.

Guatemala: CIA’s Permanent Backyard

amaretto disaster

The great amaretto disaster of last night.

In other words, why I’m wheezing all day today. Hard to breathe.

I had a little sip after work last night. It went down the wrong way, hard. Burned TF out of my throat, larynx, probably down the trachea some.

It reminds me of accidents I saw as a child when people would siphon gas with a hose.


Oh, my! How’d you know it’s what I wanted?

Because I bought it for my damn self. 🤩