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tmo bag color magenta

Picking up a little gift for somebody today. Sometimes nice things come in those magenta bags.

lotta data

A few months ago, T-Mobile converted my old legacy limited data plan from 4 GB per line a month to unlimited.

Suddenly I’m using about a gigabyte a day. 😂

good cellular service

I was pleased to get this message in April.

My multi-line plan of many years is inexpensive. It originally came with 2GB of data per line. Then without asking, it was upped to 4GB. Now it’s unlimited. All same price.

During Covid last summer, data caps were lifted for everybody for months which helped me a lot while working away from home.

T-Mobile was also the first one that let us roam like a boss in Mexico and other places.

I can also buy my own device from a 3rd-party seller, and I always do, drop in a SIM card and go. (BYOD – bring your own device)

Many more plusses then minuses.

christmas mock

The corporate kindness is amazing! 🙄

T-Mobile donates to Feeding America if you play with their app and do certain things on social media. So passionate about giving back. Feeding America usually shows somebody handing a child a to-go box. 😮

Walmart has free Thanksgiving dinner, but you have to pay for it and wait for cash back on some 3rd party app. At least it includes a 2-L Coke and a can of Campbell’s.

I just feel the need to do my thing and mock a little.

Add some Christmas Child Operation Blessing, and you’d be cooking with gas. 🔥 🎄