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walmart bathroom incident, no, not that

I have a friend who banks here. It’s the bank you always find in Walmart.

I stopped in the Walmart after Shoe Show to pick up a couple of items and went to the bathroom. As happens sometimes, I slopped it down my pant leg looking like somebody had partially turned the hose on me.

I thought, “pffft! It’s Walmart.” I walked out into the store not giving a damn.

walmart checkout fun

It’s me working for the store for free and killing jobs at the Walmart.

I look like I know what I’m doing.

walmart salsa

We found the good stuff at Walmart yesterday. Also got some wine, went through the self-checkout, and paid for it all with a Walmart credit card.

j/k. I don’t have that credit card.

christmas mock

The corporate kindness is amazing! 🙄

T-Mobile donates to Feeding America if you play with their app and do certain things on social media. So passionate about giving back. Feeding America usually shows somebody handing a child a to-go box. 😮

Walmart has free Thanksgiving dinner, but you have to pay for it and wait for cash back on some 3rd party app. At least it includes a 2-L Coke and a can of Campbell’s.

I just feel the need to do my thing and mock a little.

Add some Christmas Child Operation Blessing, and you’d be cooking with gas. 🔥 🎄

livin at walmart

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random walmart pic

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