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This seems like a weird form of follower shaming to me due to the daily public posting of stats.

It reminds me of FB when somebody says, “once somebody unfriends me, I never let them back on.”

To which I mentally reply, “sounds good to me.”


If everybody leaves Twitter who says they’re going to, it might be pretty nice over there.


Maybe certain things on Twitter cannot be shown.

the big twitter accounts

I think something happens to people when they get more than a couple of thousand followers, unless they are a known journalist, author, news org, etc.

The hand waving starts about reaching follower milestones. “C’mon people, just 400 more and I’ll have 10K.”

At that point, I suspect that the “worth it” factor starts to drop a lot, and I lose interest and often unfollow.

OK, delete Twitter, but with caution, it can be one of many useful tools.

twitter don’t let me go astray

God knows. Protect me from harm. Deliver me from evil.

My sixth grade teacher would have bristled at such a warning as this one.

where to go?

Still deciding where to go with G+ closing next year. I was a long-term fan of the My Opera Community. It closed years ago, so I primarily went to Google Plus. Now it’s going away. Facebook makes me too sad. I recently deleted all my posts and just sometimes lurk now.

Wharrr to go?

– MeWe
– VK
– Twitter
– WordPress

Some combination, maybe.

learned a new word in spanish today

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