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seriously intellectual programming

How to remember to record “that zombie shit” and other important programming.

It can get serious.


just one more thing columbo

I’m still in awe of this two-box DVD set I bought. 34 discs. Price was crazy good.

Television that I enjoyed from when I was a child all the way through adult. Love Peter Falk, plus so many great stars appeared in the series.

I’m currently doing about two sessions of it per week.


entertaining propaganda

It was embarrassing what propaganda this was. The “Amazon” title was just a wrapper. Most of the episode was talking shit about Russia, China, and Iran. It included a multitude of named, but unknown, “experts.”

It was so naked that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

Science Channel owned by Discovery.

old portable tv

I saw this “portable” television yesterday in an antique store.

it really is portable, but that’s back when the definition of portable meant “could probably be lifted by one strong person.”

Them things were heavy. Lots of vacuum tubes and a tremendous transformer.

Airline Portable Television. I’ve never heard of that brand before. It’s rather attractively designed.

just put it in your mouth

I enjoy television advertising if it has something unique or creative about it. This commercial for York Peppermint Pattie gets a good grade.

charles ramsey interview on kidnapping

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funny cable tv listing pair

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tv caesar – mighty mouse – holds his court in every house

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hard news

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