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vino – barba de papá

A goofish wine for tonight for the Nature Preserve. The label sold it. Got it at the Food Lion. lol

Pairing it with some unlikely bossa nova.


On the cheap side but drinkable. Plenty good enough for the Nature Preserve.

At least the 1.5L bottle will last a few minutes. .75L kinda small. 🍷

wine to go

I didn’t know that Vito’s (Cornwallis/Golden Gate) had bottles of wine to go. There were bunches of these up front by the door for 10 bucks. 🍷

Olive Garden also has wine to go. I didn’t know these places did. Maybe everybody does.

beer wine stockup

lol. It had to be done. 🍷🍻

cheap and sweet like us

Brian and I enjoying the wine special at Olive Garden. 🍷

Cheap, sweet, fruity, tastes like pop. There’s a lot to like.

Confetti! Sweet Pink. It’s Italian!

wine down

Taking the edge off with a zinfandel. 🍷

Me with a glass of wine
Brian with a glass of wine

couple o’bottles on 30 Dec.

The one on the left is a sweet one from Argentina. Really good. Finished it. The one on the right is from Spain. Both quite cheap yet enjoyable. Both I bought from Rioja! wine bar in Greensboro, North Carolina. I think that man tastes every bottle that he offers for sale. It’s close to impossible to buy a bad bottle of wine there.doublewhitewine

adventure in wine drinking

Gallo wine. $1.74 on clearance from a previous year at Target.

gallo_clearance image


I’m liking these California zinfandels (the two outer bottles).  They dance around on the tongue, flame the sinuses, and seem quite boozy.  It’s a lotta fun from grapes.IMG_20171122_042835

wine craving while on the road

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