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wine down

Taking the edge off with a zinfandel. 🍷

Me with a glass of wine
Brian with a glass of wine

couple o’bottles on 30 Dec.

The one on the left is a sweet one from Argentina. Really good. Finished it. The one on the right is from Spain. Both quite cheap yet enjoyable. Both I bought from Rioja! wine bar in Greensboro, North Carolina. I think that man tastes every bottle that he offers for sale. It’s close to impossible to buy a bad bottle of wine there.doublewhitewine

adventure in wine drinking

Gallo wine. $1.74 on clearance from a previous year at Target.

gallo_clearance image


I’m liking these California zinfandels (the two outer bottles).  They dance around on the tongue, flame the sinuses, and seem quite boozy.  It’s a lotta fun from grapes.IMG_20171122_042835

wine craving while on the road

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i double dog dare ya

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how to gently coast through the upcoming holidays

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enjoying some low hanging fruit

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wine – music – telephone

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black cat wine

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