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another rented vw

Two more VW pics from Mexico. I don’t remember the year. Maybe 2001 or before. It was before we started using digital cameras.

zoh laguna, campeche, vw beetle

2003, Yucatan, Zoh-Laguna, Campeche, Mexico.

Of all the guests staying at this cabaña hotel, there was only one car and it was ours. lol.

At bedtime, I saw a spider the size of a pancake crawling around outside. I didn’t tell Brian or he would have been up all night. I slept like a baby.

pretty bug

Pretty little VW Beetle. 🐞

Some clues that it was produced during the later years: curved windshield and sealed beam headlights without a cover.

vee-dubya beetle

At times I have entertained myself with Volkswagen Beetle history. I saw this picture on the wall at an antique store yesterday. The split rear window indicates 1953 or older.

There are a lot of subtle clues that one can use to identify the year of a Beetle. I enjoy piecing that puzzle together.

Brian and I rented new ones all the way up through the 2000’s for our tours of the Yucatan in Mexico. Mexico had a much later run of Beetles than anywhere else in the world.

lovely old vw beetle

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beauty beetle

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goofy goals in life

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mex volksbus

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cute little red vee dubya

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