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blue velvets again

Our favorite drinks at M’Coul’s.

mi blue velveeta

Oops. Moons Over My Hammy.

Actually, Blue Velvets at M’Coul’s.

sunday beer again

Lot of the gay in M’Coul’s today, us and many others, lol. It’s kinda the de facto. I used to call Geeksboro “the de facto” before it closed.

Of the official ones, Twist is nice, can’t stand Chemistry.

Modern Talking (screenshot) came on the sound system in M’Coul’s while we were there. It was a big Euro favorite 1980s. I’ve only heard them in the USA like twice.

beer after church

Beer after church, not even noon.

sunday funday

Sunday brunch at M’Coul’s.

onda de m’coul’s

¿Qué onda?

compulsive blue velveeta


same ol’

Nothing to see here
move along

de nuevo

¿Qué hay de nuevo?