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beers again

Beer at Vito’s. 🍻

Brian and I hiding behind the beer glasses.

vito’s again


pizza and big greek salad

Vito’s take-out for me. It’s all mine.

the usual

What else is new?

wine to go

I didn’t know that Vito’s (Cornwallis/Golden Gate) had bottles of wine to go. There were bunches of these up front by the door for 10 bucks. 🍷

Olive Garden also has wine to go. I didn’t know these places did. Maybe everybody does.

usual beer

Beers at Vito’s. 🍻

beer and italian

Always the beers. Either at M’Coul’s or Vito’s. This time Vito’s. We like the Blue Moon on tap, sometimes mixed with cider. 🍻

usual beer

The beers are h’yar. 🍻

vito’s again

The usual Blue Moons at Vito’s. We’ll get back over to M’Coul’s eventually. 🍻