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scam text

A scam text. SECU is a good guess for banking in this area.

The link is a domain for a legitimate hotel, but the hotel is running their site on WordPress, and it’s a compromised site. They probably don’t even know, or maybe don’t care.

WordPress really just needs to go away. I’ve spent too many hours of my life wrestling with that thing.

Too bad I’ve run one of my sites on it for years. The dislike of that platform is huge.

wordpress mobile app

As if WordPress weren’t a mega PITA already, the WP mobile app on Android has gone crashy.

where to go?

Still deciding where to go with G+ closing next year. I was a long-term fan of the My Opera Community. It closed years ago, so I primarily went to Google Plus. Now it’s going away. Facebook makes me too sad. I recently deleted all my posts and just sometimes lurk now.

Wharrr to go?

– MeWe
– VK
– Twitter
– WordPress

Some combination, maybe.

blog mirror address at wordpress

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my myopera copy at wordpress

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migrating from myopera to wordpress.com

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