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being nice on facebook

I think with a couple of good posts, I could reduce my Facebook friends list by 50%. 😁

blocked again on facebook

I’m in Facebook jail again!

For the second time in a week, I’m blocked from my account. FB doesn’t like what I post, and all I post is garbage. Freakin’ kindergarten. The prohibited words seem to be “Russia” (last week) and “sodomy” (today).

I wish they’d save me the trouble and just delete my account. It would improve my life.

I’m liking MeWe and Mastodon more all the time.


selective social

Recently posted on FB:

I post my good stuff on other super secret networks so as to try to retain the label of “plays well with others” on a local level.

fb cleanse

For the second time in two months I have scrubbed my Facebook wall. It’s in case I lose my GD mind over world gone mad. I’m ok on other networks, but FB feed triggers me. Twitter, WordPress, MeWe, VK don’t bother me. Who knows.

fakety FB

So comforting.

Screenshot_2018-12-18 Facebook

where to go?

Still deciding where to go with G+ closing next year. I was a long-term fan of the My Opera Community. It closed years ago, so I primarily went to Google Plus. Now it’s going away. Facebook makes me too sad. I recently deleted all my posts and just sometimes lurk now.

Wharrr to go?

– MeWe
– VK
– Twitter
– WordPress

Some combination, maybe.


It’s nothing personal. I just don’t want to see the POTUS every 1.5 minutes 18 hours a day.

A lot of people don’t like what I post either.

Screenshot_2018-07-17 Facebook

facebook recommendations

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bad gateway

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another good website goes totally facebook

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