where to go?

Still deciding where to go with G+ closing next year. I was a long-term fan of the My Opera Community. It closed years ago, so I primarily went to Google Plus. Now it’s going away. Facebook makes me too sad. I recently deleted all my posts and just sometimes lurk now.

Wharrr to go?

– MeWe
– VK
– Twitter
– WordPress

Some combination, maybe.

16 responses to “where to go?

  1. That’s a good question. Mastodon is the best alternative now, but smaller instances succumb to scalability issues too easily, as you found, and things will only get worse. There are a couple of ActivityPub-capable blogging platforms (think distributed WordPress) in the works, but they’ll likely to share the same fate. Alternatives powered by the Diaspora* protocol are a wasteland populated by a few libertarians and/or dorks shouting at each other from hilltops. Several times I considered installing Elgg and just using it a blogging platform, but it’s not distributed, and with exactly zero friends likely to join my server, I’m better off using a static website generator and posting the links to Mastodon (and Twitter, while it’s still around).

    Nope… I think we’re screwed, and it’s in no small part due to fad-chasers somehow convincing everyone that “RSS is dead”, even as its usage is soaring… but not those uses that could enable truly distributed social networking. Even the IndieWeb crowd is mum about RSS, instead blithely yammering on about push technologies that can be easily proven to be more resource-intensive and otherwise problematic.

    Let’s enjoy what we still have, while we still have it. Then we’ll see.

  2. There is Vivaldi. Has its own blogging platform (somehow a part of WP) à la MyOpera and an email service. Founded by Jon von Tetzchner he is trying to build a user configurable browser and community much as Opera/MyOpera used to be.
    For the browser: https://vivaldi.com
    For the Community: https://vivaldi.net (registration required)

    • Thanks for that. I did follow using Opera into using Vivaldi. It’s good and I like it. The blogging platform I use a little bit.

    • They actually use WordPress for the user blogs (presumably the self-hosted version). Not a good omen when it comes to scalability and security. It does make ironic sense though, seeing as My Opera was itself built on MovableType, the previous major blogging platform.

      • I might as well go ahead and say it. There’s almost nothing I hate worse than WordPress. I’m only here with it because I wanted to preserve my history from My Opera, but now I’m beginning to think it’s not worth the trouble. Even worse than this is self-hosted WordPress where you literally count the days until the next time you get cracked. My church uses self-hosted WordPress and I’m in charge of it. My fatigue level with it is insanely high.

        • Yeah, there’s a reason I don’t have a blog here. At the time, I went to Tumblr, but lately it’s been going downhill as well, and soon I won’t even need it anymore. That would leave DeviantArt, maybe? A terribly unwelcoming place, but it works, and has some features I couldn’t easily replicate elsewhere.

          Not blogs though. I no longer need a 3rd-party service for blogging. And most social networks these days seem to be focused on exactly that for some reason.

      • Not that I know much about blogging platforms or what the differences may be I know there are several differerent ones. Many of my MyOprea friends migrated here after its demise and after much searching I followed. Though I haven’t posted much lately I I inclined to start up again in the near future.

        • It’s good to see you here. I miss My Opera very much. I archived all of my My Opera posts here at WordPress then really didn’t feel like blogging anymore. Instead, I primarily went to G+. Now that that is going to go away, I’m just going to goof around with this WordPress a little, plus some VK, Twitter, and MeWe. After My Opera stopped, I discovered that I didn’t really have anything to say anymore. I think it’s ok to sit on the side mostly now. The internet friendships have been really nice. Some of them I was able to meet in person over time. Brian and I were getting excited about maybe going to South Africa to meet a My opera friend named Brian Francis. He discovered in the spring that he had very advanced cancer and passed quickly. I still feel very strange about it. It’s amazing how everything has been.

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