livin at walmart


RV = recreational vehicle, like a travel trailer, motor home, or conversion van.
RV'er = a person who is an RV enthusiast, more or less, whether by choice or necessity.
Boondocking = overnight parking without campground facilities. Ex: We often boondock at Wal-Marts when we travel.

While I usually have as little to do with Wal-Mart as possible, when we travel and need a place to park the travel trailer over night, we'll pull right into a Wal-Mart because *it is allowed!* The Supercenters have an unwritten policy of allowing overnight RV parking, thus making the centers enormously popular with RV'ers.

Start looking around at night if you go to a Wal-Mart Supercenter. You will probably see some RV's around the distant perimeter of the parking lot, sometimes there will be A LOT of RV's out there.

While many will be travelers, more and more people are now living in their RV's. This video is a humorous ode to that.

Watch closely for subtle humor. I like the employee and bottle of wine scene. :up:

4 responses to “livin at walmart

  1. I almost want to live in an RV at WalMart myself, now.

  2. Originally posted by harrytheman:

    I almost want to live in an RV at WalMart myself, now.

    We've got a big trailer. You can audition for the lifestyle with us.

  3. Where do I audition? I'm in!

  4. Originally posted by harrytheman:

    Where do I audition? I'm in!

    Next trip to Burning Man.

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