random walmart pic

Waiting in line to pay in Sylva, North Carolina. I was watching the flags gently sway in the air conditioning.

I'm not a regular Wal-Mart customer, but sometimes when traveling, the convenience is overwhelming:

  • The parking lots are huge, and I can get my company truck in and out of there easily.
  • I can get all my personal and work items in the same place.
  • I can put together a decent dinner at the deli counter.
  • I can be back at my hotel lickety split watching "Law and Order".

8 responses to “random walmart pic

  1. That almost looks like the Wal*Mart over here.

  2. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    That almost looks like the Wal*Mart over here.

    Amazing how they do that. 😀

  3. operainchicago

    Super Wal*Mart :up: :hat:

  4. Yep, looks very much like the Asda-WalMart here, too.

  5. As much as I like to hate Wal-Mart, the company has an unwritten policy that people traveling in RV's can park overnight (called "boondocking" in RV lingo) in the Supercenter parking lots.When traveling cross-country with the travel trailer, we look for a decent truck stop first, because of the showers, and if not found, we head for a Wal-Mart. Sometimes the remote corners of the parking lots will have quite a few RV's parked around.Only the 24-hour Supercenters allow it, though you can probably get away with it in other places. The Supercenter parking lot lights are on all night and there are cameras everywhere. It feels safer.

  6. Secluded area….let's get busy. 🙂

  7. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    Secluded area….let's get busy.

    We will be heading that way pretty soon. 😉

  8. :cheers: Very handy, I hope they sell my favorite beer too. 😀

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