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gso observation area

The strange forlorn observation area at GSO airport.

I’m not sure I even knew it had one.

airport parking

I had the urge to steal one of these parking meter bags from GSO airport. I imagine it would take a little more than just putting it over the meter to park for free once this ends.

miami airport view

I have a pretty good view of the Miami airport. ✈️

It was still light out for the first pic vs. after midnight for the second.

alaska at greensboro airport

Alaska Airlines parked all over at Greensboro, North Carolina, airport. GSO.

They look weird out there. Wheels covered up. I’m guessing that means they’ve been there a while and will be there longer.

flash mob cancun airport

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predawn in atlanta

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those nelly queens from charlotte

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airport lunch

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mex volksbus

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strange airport dream

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