lovely old vw beetle

I spotted this antique WV Beetle yesterday in a shopping center in my city. The license plate revealed it to be a 1960 model. When in high school, I was an expert at identifying the year of any Beetle. There are many subtle clues.

This one has some parts missing and some rough edges, but the owner is doing a good job on keeping it together. Beetles this old had a 6-volt electrical system. Either the owner has converted it to 12 volts or is a master at procuring old parts.

Talk about a fun car to drive. The engine has a throaty rumble. They handle well and are comfortable. I used to rent classic Beetles in Mexico up until 2003 for my Yucatecan adventures. 2003 was the last year the classic model was made there.

With each picture, I'll list some clues to the model year.

Image #1: very small taillights, chrome bumper with metal overrider bars, narrow license plate light with sculpted "tongue" pointing up towards the back window, no vents on engine hatch.

Image #2: exquisite white dished steering wheel with Wolfsburg crest in the center with chrome horn extensions, metal dash with chrome bar, white knobs, white gearshift tip.

Image #3: Again the chrome bumper with metal overrider bar, oval "things" below and inwards of the headlights, glass headlight covers, narrow turn signal lights, and the crowning jewel, a Wolfsburg crest on the hood! Rare! Usually the crest is gone.

Image #4: closer view of the rare Wolfsburg crest, though I jerked the camera and made it sucky.

6 responses to “lovely old vw beetle

  1. I tell ya. I'd love to have one now, too. My brother had a '63. Even though I was too young to have a license when he had it, I knew how to drive that car and loved it.One night the throttle cable broke. He had me squat on the back bumper with the engine hatch open while looking through the back window. I operated the throttle lever that was directly on the carburetor housing while we whizzed along at 45 mph with me on that back bumper as the speed controller. No sense of danger in those days. We went about 4 full miles home that way.

  2. That's really nice. I learned how to drive in a '68. An old bug would be a fun car to have again.

  3. :up: we had a "telephone company green" beetle bug in 1963. Very cool car.

  4. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    The Trimline Model 220

    Wow, I'd completely forgotten those. We had one as our kitchen phone. I also remember the 1500. It seems that the 1500 started out in the kitchen to replace the 500-esque phone that we had there, but ended up in my parents bedroom after we got tone dialing. Of course, my sister had a Princess phone. Hehehe, we had a microwave oven before we had tone dialing. Too funny.Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    I just prefered to play my special tones through pay phones as my tribute to Ma Bell.

    I remember we had this discussion about you being a phreaker. Bad, Joy Bubbles! Dave! Bad! 😉

  5. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    we had a "telephone company green" beetle bug in 1963.

    I like "telephone company green." I'm also a telephone equipment buff. A lot of people had the Western Electric Model 1500 in green during the '60's. I still see them on TV. The early ones did not have the star and pound buttons, only 0 through 9.The Trimline Model 220 was another hot phone with a lighted dial and rotating finger stop. Nice!Only the original Bell Telephone runs of those phones were sexy and hot. Later replicas just weren't as nice. Weight, feel, finish, and ringer timbre were never as good as the first ones.The regional Bell in this area had the best name for ages, Southern Bell, like a take off on Southern Belle. I always imagined a woman with a hoop skirt sitting by the river.Skirt example from a Florida tourist attraction, probably Weeki Wachee Springs.The pinnacle of youthful grafitti pride was to spray paint the Southern Bell building. Even though that place was like a fortress, kids still got it sometimes. Of course *I* never did such a thing. I just prefered to play my special tones through pay phones as my tribute to Ma Bell.

  6. @0x29a lol. Love it!Even as a child, I viewed the phone company as a world-wide web with a tiny finger that reached into our home. It merited play and study. As soon as touch-tone dialing came out, I pressured my parents to get it. Had to have it!Strangely, I never got into the Princess phone, though I view the design as another "obra maestra" by Bell.

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